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Czech Republic, Znojmo
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Town Hall tower
"Znojmo" (; ) is a city in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic, near the border with Lower Austria, connected to Vienna by railway and road (80 minutes).

The city is situated on a rock outcropping on the steep left bank of the Dyje River, and retains a number of examples of its medieval architecture. The Gothic Church of St. Nicholas and the Late Gothic Town Hall tower are the most recognizable landmarks. St Nicolas` Church was built in 1348 by Emperor Charles IV, and the town hall, with its 75 m (250 ft) tower, dates from around 1446. Overlooking the Dyje River valley, on the edge of the medieval city, there is Znojmo Castle, dating back to 11th century, founded by Přemyslid dukes.

The royal city of Znojmo was founded shortly before 1226 by King Ottokar I on the plains lying in front of Znojmo Castle. It is here that Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor died in 1437. In terms of world history, Znojmo is best known for the armistice concluded here in 1809 after the Battle of Wagram between Napoleon and the archduke Charles. It is also notable for being the (alleged) birthplace of Leopold Loyka, the driver of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand"s car when Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo 1914, an event which triggered the First World War.

Birthplace of the sculptor Hugo Lederer and writer Charles Sealsfield, it also has a special co-operation relation with Harderwijk in The Netherlands.

7 Wonders of Znojm
As the ancient world had its seven preeminent wonders Znojmo boasts its own jewels. But to name only seven would not do justice to the many other marvels of this town. Locally the people refer to the ""77 wonders of Znojmo"".

"Religious buildings (16)"
1. "The Ducal Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St Catherine"
with the oldest fresco in the Czech Republic

Image:Rotundaznojmo1.jpg|Znojmo Rotunda
Image:Rotundaznojmo3.jpg| the oldest fresco in the Czech Republic

"2. St Nicolas’ Deanery Church"
the city"s most dominant church
"3. Archangel Michael’s Church"
The consecration to Archangel Michael located at the highest point of Znojmo.
"4. St Hippolytus’ Church and the Monastery of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star"
containing "The Finding of the Holy Cross", which was painted by the Austrian painter F. A. Maulbertsch (1724-1796)
"5. The Virgin Mary and St Wenceslas’s Basilica at Louka"
virtually an encyclopaedia of architectural styles under one roof
"6. Dominican Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross"
Where a fragment of the Holy Cross used to be kept
"7. St John the Baptist’s Church and the Capuchin Monastery"
founded under the surveillance of the Roman Emperor Ferdinand II
"8. St Wenceslas’s Chantry"
unique two storey chapel

Image:St Wenceslas Chantry.jpg|St Wenceslas’s Chantry

"9. St Elisabeth’s Church and the former burgher hospital"
the witness of much strife
"10. St Rastislav’s Church"
Neo-Renaissance styled with some Art Nouveau influences
"11. The Way of the Cross and St Anthony of Padua’s Church "
perched on the beautiful slopes of the Granice Valley
"12. The Flogged Saviour’s Church (Dyje)"
contains one of the most beautiful Baroque frescoes in Europe
"13. Louka Abbey"
a massive Premonstratensian monastery steeped in history

Image:Loukaabbey1.jpg| Louka Abbey

"14. Minorite Monastery"
its buildings include a beautiful 13th century cloister
"15. Dominican Monastery"
decorative Vienna Baroque style
"16. Jesuit College and Grammar School "
school of Procopius Divisch (the inventor of the lightening rod)

"Fortifications (8)"
"17. Znojmo Castle"
marriage place of the famous Duke of Bohemia, Borivoj II
"18. Znojmo Town Hall Tower"
the absolute icon of Znojmo and a symbol of the city’s rich past,
"19. City Walls"
consisting of several rows of walls and ditches, only broken by the four city gates.
"20. Znojmo Catacombs "
greater than 20 km long covering the whole of the entire medieval city


"21. Prague Gate"
the V.I.P. entrance to the City
"22. Wolf Tower"
the Vienna Gate

Image:Wolf tower1.jpg| Wolf Tower

"23. Thick Tower"
upgraded in the 16th century
"24. Hradiště Walls"
built after the 30 Years’ War to try to prevent repetitions

"Residences of the nobility (9)"
"25. Deblin Chateau"
a seat of country nobles
"26. House of Art"
the first Renaissance palace in Znojmo
"27. The House of Understanding and City Mint "
a late Gothic treasure

Image:Znminthouse.jpg|The House of Understanding and the City Mint

"28. Daun Palace"
a majestic Baroque palace extended by Counts von Daun
"29. Goltz Palace"
the largest palace in the city
"30. Althan Palace "
a monumental Baroque palace
"31. Ugart Palace"
November 17, 1805 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte spent two nights
"32. Chaplain’s House"
an authentic-looking Late-Gothic palace
"33. Tower-like Gothic house No 464"
the oldest preserved burgher house made from stone in Znojmo

"Pre-Modern and Modern Architecture (9)"
"34. Villa Krammer and its rocky garden"
the hanging gardens of Znojmo
"35. Villa Mareš "
sensational modern architecture
"36. Villa Weinberger"
neo-classicist architecture
"37. Svoboda Houses"
the largest historic building in Znojmo
"38. The Virgin Mary Square "
influenced by the Place de l´Étoile in Paris
"39. Znojmo Civic Society House "
Neo-Renaissance Znojmo Civic Society House built in 1881
"40. City Theatre"
the austere Neo-Renaissance style facade contrasts with the lavish golden Neo-Rococo stuccoes and velvet upholstery interior.

Image:Zntheatre.jpg|City Theatre

"41. The District Court House"
a spacious monumental quadratic Neo-Classicist palace
"42. “Dyje” Department Store "
a controversial piece of architecture from the Communist era

"Monuments (6)"
"43. Kopal’s Memorial"
commemorating the victory of the Emperor’s troops in Italy
"44. Saint Clement Maria Hofbauer’s House"
Clement Maria Hofbauer (1751-1820), patron saint of Warsaw and Vienna, trained here as a baker
"45. Vrbka’s Stone"
in memory of Anton Vrbka (1860-1939), famous historiograph

Image:Vrbkasstone.jpg|Vrbka"s Stone

"46. Procopius Divisch’s Memorial"
inventor of the lightening rod
"47. Victory Memorial"
a controversial monument commemorating the end of World War Two
"48. Battle of Znojmo 1809 Memorial in Dobšice"
commemorating the last triumph of Emperor Napoleon

"The Green Belt"
"49. City Park "
the lungs in the heart of the city

Image:Zncitypark.jpg|City Park

"50. Caroline’s Gardens"
subtropical flora below the city on a steep slope
"51. Granice Forest Park"
a forested Canyon

Image:Zngranice.jpg|Granice Canyon

"52. Jubilee Park"
the pride of the Czechs in Znojmo
"53. Cow Mountain"
facing historic Znojmo on one side and renowned for its old vineyards on the other
"54. Podyjí / Thayatal - Dyje Valley National Park"
the Czech Republic"s smallest and newest National Park

Image:Znnppodji.jpg|National Park Podyji

"Belvederes or View Points"
"55. Granice Valley from Premyslovcu Street"
a view of the coutryside from the center of the city
"56. Southern Access Pathway at Znojmo Castle"
an old path in the heart of the city
"57. Northern Passageway through Znojmo City Walls"
built in 2001 to access breathtaking views of the Granice Valley
"58. Znojmo skyline from the north "
silhouetted by the Alps in the far distance
"59. Znojmo skyline from the west"
rising out from the river canyon

Image:Znview1.jpg|Znojmo skyline from the west

"60. Znojmo skyline from the southwest"
a view, which has captivated the hearts of many painters
"61. Znojmo skyline from the south-east "
where the enemy hordes would observe the city
"62. Na Vyhlídce Street"
from where Znojmo"s first Major would enjoy his view
"63. King’s Throne "
where the King of Poland made haste to help Vienna
"64. Sealsfield’s Stone "
famous writer Charles Sealsfield (1793-1864), sat and mused

"Technical Structures (8)"
"65. Veteran Car Museum (formerly Municipal Waterworks) "
positioned on the site of the city’s oldest mill

Image:Znwaterw.jpg|Veteran Car Museum

"66. Brewery at Znojmo Castle"
an Icon of Znojmo Castle
"67. Northwest Railway Bridge across the Dyje Valley"
the highest bridge in southern Moravia
"68. Red Bridge across the Leska Valley"
ninety metres long and twenty-five metres high made from red brick
"69. Tunnels in the railway embankment between Dobšice and Suchohrdly"
marvels of technical architecture
"70. Cross Cellar in Přímětice"
the world"s largest cellar shaped as a cross

Image:Zncroscellar.jpg|World"s largest Cross Cellar

"71. Stone Aqueduct between Znojmo and Citonice"
supplies the city drinking water
"72. Municipal Swimming Pool in Louka"
a daring modern project in front out Louka Monastery

"Romantic spots (5)"
"73. The Cholera Chapel in Hradiste "
built as a thanksgiving for saving Hradiste from the cholera epidemic
"74. Good Samaritan Spring "
legend says that the Samaritan will reward anybody with good intentions who stops here for a while, saying a little prayer.
"75. "Watering Hill" "
Napajedla Street where the cows were driven to drink from the river
"76. Dyje Quarter and the valley below Znojmo"
A romantic riverbank for ideal walks
"77. Old Town "
Stare mesto, With dwellings for menservants and the city’s executioner

Image:Znstarmesto1.jpg|Znojmo Old Town

Image:Znstarmesto3.jpg|Znojmo Old Town

The only remains of the castle used by the Přemysl dukes is the Romanesque rotunda, the interior of which is covered with 11th-century frescoes depicting biblical scenes and illustrating the life of Přemysl.


Image:Znojmo Panorama.jpg|Panorama of Znojmo
Image:Znaimer Altstadt1.jpg|Old Town of Znojmo
Image:Znojmo-The_Underground_Passages_1.jpg|The subterranean labyrinth
Image:Znaimer Altstadt2.jpg|Column commemorating the plague

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