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Serbia, Vranje
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"Vranje" (; ; , ) is a town and municipality located in Serbia at 42.57° North, 21.91° East. In 2002 the town had total population of 55,052, while population of municipality was 87,288. It is the administrative center of the Pčinja District of Serbia, encompassing the Vranje Valley. Its population has been permanently refreshed by the newcomers from its surroundings as well by the refugees who, under the Albanian ethnic pressure, emigrated from Kosovo and Metohija during the last 2 decades. The last wave of emigration was one in 1999, following the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

ame and histor
Its name stems from the old word for "black" ("vran") in the Serbian language and first appears in the Alexiad (9, 4) by Byzantine princess and scholar Anna Comnena (1083 – 1153). In ancient times, various Thracian tribes inhabited present-day Vranje, as well as the Agrianes (Paionian tribe) inhabiting the whole of Pčinja District.

The front between the Serbian and Bulgarian forces at the time of the 1915 Battle of Ovche Pole in the Serbian Campaign (World War I) stretched near to Vranje.

The River of Vranje
Municipality of Vranje is located between municipalities of Bujanovac, Trgovište, Bosilegrad, Surdulica, Vladičin Han, Leskovac, and Kosovska Kamenica (which is in Kosovo).

Vranje is an agricultural centre and was historically an important Ottoman trading site. The White bridge (hamamm) is a symbol of the city and is called "most ljubavi" (Lovers bridge) after the tale about the forbidden love between the Muslim girl Ajša and Christian Stojan that resulted in the father shooting at the couple, killing her daughter instead of the boy, he built the bridge where he had shot her and had the story in-scripted in Ottoman Arabic. The 11th century Markova kula fortress is in the north of the city. The city has traditional Balkan architecture as well as Ottoman.
The well-known theater play “Kostana” by Bora Stankovic is placed in Vranje.

Vranje is famous for its popular, old music, lively and melancholic at the same time. The best known music is from the theater piece with music “Kostana”, by Bora Stankovic. This original music style has been renewed recently by taking quite different and quite specific, and more oriental form, with rich brass instruments contribution. It is played particularly by the Vranje Roma, who are often referred to as Gypsies (a derogatory term which wrongly implies their Egyptian origin).

*National Museum, built 1765
*Youth Cultural Centre
*National Library
*Centre for Talents

amous or notable citizen
Beli Most (White Bridge)
* Borisav (Bora) Stanković (* March 31, 1875, Vranje; † October 22, 1927, Belgrade), a Serbian writer.
* Miroslav-Cera Mihajlović, contemporary poet.
* Jovan Hadži-Vasiljević, (1866-1946), historian.
* Djordje Tasić, (1892-1943), one of the most notable Serbian jurists.
* Justin Popović (1894-1979), theologian and philosopher.
* Physicians: Dr. Franjo Kopsa († 1898); Dr. Dragoljub Mihajlović († 1980).
* Scientists: Marjan Bosković, (MD), anatomy professor; Dragan Pavlović, (MD); Dragoslav Mitrinović, mathematician.
* Painters: Jovica Dejanovic, Miodrag Stankovic-Dage, Zoran Petrusijević-Zop, Suzana Stojanović.
* Musicians: Bakija Bakić († 1989), Stanisa Stosić († 2008).
* Curators: Jelena Veljkovic, Marko Stamenković.

opulation through histor
The Museum of Vranje
* 1900: 10,586
* 1905: 10,110
* 1910: 10,487
* 1921: 8,221
* 1931: 9,817
* 1941: 11,000 (estimate)
* 1948: 10,472
* 1953: 12,690
* 1961: 17,261
* 1971: 27,959
* 1981: 44,094
* 1991: 51,122
* 2002: 55,052
* 2007: "59,586" (estimate)

Municipality of Vranje include following settlements:

* Aleksandrovac
* Babina Poljana
* Barbarušince
* Barelić
* Beli Breg
* Bojin Del
* Bresnica
* Bujkovac
* Buljesovce
* Buštranje
* Crni Lug
* Crni Vrh
* Čestelin
* Ćukovac
* Ćurkovica
* Davidovac
* Dobrejance
* Donja Otulja
* Donje Punoševce
* Donje Trebešinje
* Donje Žapsko
* Donji Neradovac
* Dragobužde

* Drenovac
* Dubnica
* Duga Luka
* Dulan
* Dupeljevo
* Golemo Selo
* Gornja Otulja
* Gornje Punoševce
* Gornje Trebešinje
* Gornje Žapsko
* Gornji Neradovac
* Gradnja
* Gumerište
* Izumno
* Katun
* Klašnjice
* Klisurica
* Koćura
* Kopanjane
* Korbevac
* Korbul
* Kriva Feja
* Kruševa Glava

* Krševica
* Kumarevo
* Kupinince
* Lalince
* Lepčince
* Leva Reka
* Lipovac
* Lukovo
* Margance
* Mečkovac
* Mijakovce
* Mijovce
* Milanovo
* Milivojce
* Moštanica
* Nastavce
* Nesvrta
* Nova Brezovica
* Oblička Sena
* Ostra Glava
* Panevlje
* Pavlovac
* Pljačkovica

* Preobraženje
* Prevalac
* Prvonek
* Ranutovac
* Rataje
* Ribince
* Ristovac
* Roždace
* Rusce
* Sebevranje
* Sikirje
* Slivnica
* Smiljević
* Soderce
* Srednji Del
* Stance
* Stara Brezovica
* Stari Glog
* Strešak
* Stropsko
* Struganica
* Studena
* Surdul

* Suvi Dol
* Tesovište
* Tibužde
* Toplac
* Trstena
* Tumba
* Urmanica
* Uševce
* Viševce
* Vlase
* Vranje
* Vranjska Banja
* Vrtogoš
* Zlatokop

thnic groups (2002 census
Ethnic grooups in the Vranje municipality:
* Serbs = 81,198
* Roma = 4,647
* others

ee als
* List of cities in Serbia

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Category:Cities, towns and villages in Central Serbia
Category:Municipalities of Central Serbia

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