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Austria, Villach
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"Villach" (; , ) is the second largest city in in the south of Austria, at the Drava River and represents an important traffic junction for Austria and the whole Alpe-Adria region. , the population is 58,480.

Near the center of Villach
The oldest human traces found in Villach date back to 3500 BC. Many Roman artifacts have been discovered in the city, as it was near an important Roman road called the "Römerweg". A document mentions a bridge in what is today Villach in 878, and the settlement across the bridge was given market town status in 1060, though Villach is first mentioned in records in 1240. Villach"s first mayor took office in the 16th century.

On January 25, 1348, an earthquake destroyed a large part of Villach, followed by another earthquake in 1690. There were also several fires in Villach, which destroyed many buildings.

In 1759 Empress Maria Theresa of Austria formally purchased Villach, as well as much of . During the Napoleonic Wars, Villach was part of the Illyrian provinces of the French Empire from 1809 until 1813.

The Südbahn railway finally reached Villach in 1864, providing growth and expansion.

During the period of the German Anschluss (1938-45) when Austria was annexed to Nazi Germany, the mayor of Villach was Oskar Kraus, an enthusiastic Nazi.Lisa Rettl, Werner Koroschitz, "Ein korrekter Nazi: Oskar Kraus, ns-oberbürgermeister von Villach", Drava (2006), ISBN 3-85435-501-7 A memorial for the 1919 border conflict caused controversy when it was inaugurated in 2002, as Kraus, who had not been especially prominent in the conflict, was the only person named.ORF Kärnten,

During World War II, allied forces bombed Villach 37 times. About 42,500 bombs killed 300 people and damaged 85% of the buildings. Nevertheless the city quickly recovered.

Today, Villach is a bustling city with commerce and recreation, yet it retains its historic background.

Villach railway station.
Geographical position
The city is located west of the Klagenfurt Basin at the confluence of the Drau and the Gail Rivers. Nearby countries are Slovenia with a direct line to the border of 11 km (6.8 mi) and Italy with a distance of 14.5 km (9 mi) respectively. Slovenia could be accessed via the "Karawanken Autobahn (A11)" and the Karawanken Tunnel, Italy by the "Süd Autobahn (A2)".

The municipal area borders on or surrounds several lakes, including Lake Ossiach, Lake Faak, Silbersee, Vassacher See, Magdalensee, and St. Leonharder See.

Villach is surrounded by mountains of the Alps which are used for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

The following sections belong to Villach:
* Bogenfeld, Dobrova, Drautschen, Drobollach am Faaker See, Duel, Egg am Faaker See, Goritschach, Graschitz, Gratschach, Greuth, Gritschach, Großsattel, Großvassach, Heiligen Gestade, Heiligengeist, Kleinsattel, Kleinvassach, Kratschach, Kumitz, Landskron, Maria Gail, Mittewald ober dem Faaker See, Mittewald ob Villach, Neufellach, Neulandskron, Obere Fellach, Oberfederaun, Oberschütt, Oberwollanig, Pogöriach, Prossowitsch, Rennstein, Serai, St. Andrä, St. Georgen, St. Leonhard, St. Magdalen, St. Michael, St. Niklas an der Drau, St. Ruprecht, St. Ulrich, Tschinowitsch, Turdanitsch, Untere Fellach, Unterfederaun, Unterschütt, Unterwollanig, Urlaken, Villach-Auen, Villach-Innere Stadt, Villach-Lind, Villach-Seebach-Wasenboden, Villach-St. Agathen und Perau, Villach-St. Martin, Villach-Völkendorf, Villach-Warmbad-Judendorf, Weißenbach, Zauchen

In 1905 a part of the municipal area St. Martin was incorporated. In 1973 the city area was further enlarged through the incorporation of Landskron, Maria Gail and Fellach.

unicipal counci
The municipal council (Gemeinderat) consists of 45 members, with the mayor as president, and following the 2009 elections is composed of:

* SPÖ: 21 seats
* BZÖ: 12 seats
* ÖVP: 9 seats
* Die Grünen: 2 seats
* FPÖ: 1 seat

ity governmen
The city government of Villach (Stadtsenat) consists of seven members. It is chaired by the mayor, who is directly elected by the people. The other members—two vice-mayors and four town councillors—are appointed by the municipal council, with party affiliations according to the election results.

*"Mayor" Helmut Manzenreiter, SPÖ
*"First vice-mayor" Karl-Heinz Evers, SPÖ
*"Second vice-mayor" Mag. Gerda Sandriesser, SPÖ
*"Councillor" Mag. Hilde Schaumberger, SPÖ
*"Councillor" Harald Sobe, SPÖ
*"Councillor" Walter Lang, FPÖ
*"Councillor" LAbg. KR Helmut Hinterleitner, ÖVP

In the March 2009 elections, Helmut Manzenreiter, mayor since 1987, was reelected with 56.89 per cent of the votes cast.

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
Villach is twinned with:

* Bamberg (Germany)
* Udine (Italy)
* Suresnes (France)
* Springfield, Illinois (USA)


There are several festivals throughout the year:

*The carnival in Villach (which starts on November 11 and ends on March 4)
*The arts and crafts festival (with self made goods)
*The New Orleans festival
*The streets-art festival (displays performances of artists and singers)
*The "Villacher Kirchtag" (a kermis spanning a whole week in summer and ends on August"s first Saturday with a notorious fireworks show)
*Performances on a stage beside the Drau

otable citizen
*Joahim Košutnik, mathematician
*Valentin Oman, artist
*Alex Antonitsch, tennis player (retired)
*Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, CEO of the Nestlé Group
*Kurt Diemberger, mountaineer and author
*Anton Ghon, pathologist
*Bruno Gironcoli, modern artist
*Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, Green politician
*Michael Grabner, ice hockey player ()
*Heidemarie Hatheyer, actress
*Herbert Hohenberger, ice hockey player ()
*Florian Hufsky, new media artist and political activist
*Martin Koch, ski jumper ()
*Roland Kollmann, footballer
*Peter Löscher, CEO of Siemens AG
*Ernst Melchior, footballer
*Paul Watzlawick, a communication scientist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, philosopher, and author (deceased)



Image:Villachfromalpinestrasse.jpg|Villach from the "Alpenstraße" (Oct. 2005)
Image:Villachshopping.JPG|Main square
Image:Villach.JPG|Drau River - downstream (2004)

Image:Villach1.jpg|bridge towards the center (2009)
Image:Villach2.jpg|Drau River - downstream (2009)

xternal link

* (English version)
* - Villach Bus System official site

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