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Spain, Vigo
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: "For other meanings, see Vigo (disambiguation)"

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"Vigo" () is the largest city in Galicia, Spain, located in the province of Pontevedra.

It has a population of 295,703, with an extended metropolitan population of 468,654, making it the 14th-largest metropolitan area of Spain. Vigo is the largest city in Spain which is not a provincial capital.

The urban area of Vigo is built over both a hill-fort (Castro) and a Roman settlement. It is generally accepted that the name Vigo is derived from the Latin word "Vicus".

During the Middle Ages the small village of Vigo was part of the territory of neighbouring towns, particularly Tui, and suffered several Viking attacks. However, the number of inhabitants was so small that, historically, Vigo was not considered to be a real village until around the 15th century, when the earliest records began.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the city was attacked several times. In 1585 and 1589 Francis Drake raided the city and temporarily occupied it, leaving many buildings burnt. Several decades later a Turkish fleet tried to attack the city. As a result the walls of the city were built in 1656 during the reign of Philip IV of Spain. They are still partially preserved.

During this time, and in spite of the attacks, the city of Vigo developed its earliest commerce, and was given several privileges by the kings of Spain.

Battle of Vigo Bay, 1702
In 1702 the Battle of Vigo Bay occurred, and in 1719, because a Spanish fleet which departed from Vigo attempted to invade Scotland in support of the Jacobites, the city was occupied for ten days by a British force.

In 1808 the French Army annexed Spain to the Napoleonic Empire, although Vigo remained unconquered until January, 1809. Vigo was also the first city of Galicia to be freed from French rule in what is now celebrated as the "Reconquista" (reconquest from French in the context of the Peninsular War) on 28 March each year.

The city grew very rapidly in the 19th and 20th centuries. This resulted in continuous urban planning changes, making Vigo less structured than other Galician towns.

orld War I
The following German U-Boats are reported to have been sunk somewhere near the Port of Vigo: the U-523, sunk August 25, 1943 (17 dead and 37 survivors), and the U-506, sunk at 15:50 hrs on July 12, 1943 (48 dead and six survivors).

ain sight

igo metropolitan are
The following villages are in the Vigo metropolitan area:
Vigo population progression

*Babío (1,214 p.)
*Saa (1,296 p.)
*Penís (1,079 p.)
*Fonte Escura (1,242 p.)
*Pereiró (4,284 p.)
*Ponte (1,564 p.)
*Freixeiro (2,456 p.)
*Mantelas (1,595 p.)
*Salgueira (1,268 p.)
*Bagunda (2,762 p.)
*Bouciña (1,823 p.)
*Barreiro (1,383 p.)
*Ceboleira (2,989 p.)
*Pardavila (4,128 p.)
*Garrida (1,245 p.)
*Population: 294,772 (2007)
*average age: 41.1 years (2005)
*Foreign population: 11,571 (2005)
*Births: 2,632 (2005)
*Deaths: 2,383 (2005)
*Migratory balance: +565 (2005)

overnment and administrative division
Following the May 28, 2007 municipal elections the mayor of Vigo is Abel Caballero, PSOE. The city council () is governed by a coalition of PSOE and the Bloque Nacionalista Galego (9 and 5 councilors, respectively, to the Partido Popular"s 13).

The city is been divided into 23 districts (Parroquias in Spanish and Galician). The districts are based mostly on historical divisions. Several of the city"s districts are former towns annexed by the city of Vigo in the twentieth century that still maintain their own distinct character.

Parishes of Vigo

* Alcabre - 3,183
* Beade - 5,430
* Bembrive - 4,290
* Bouzas - 5,000
* Cabral - 6,772
* Candeán - 4,699
* Castrelos - 7,849
* Coia - 30,000
* Comesaña - 3,031
* Coruxo - 5,344
* Freixeiro - 5,928
* Lavadores - 16,667
* Matamá - 4,247
* Navia - 2,190
* Oia - 3,910
* Saiáns - 1,067
Beach of Wines, in Cíes Islands.
* San Paio - 3,700
* San Xoán do Monte - 500
* Sárdoma -1,992
* Teis - 2,330
* Valadares - 5,468
* Zamáns - 780
* Vigo and Santiago de Vigo - 207,892

Vigo"s climate is usually classified as oceanic (Köppen climate classification "Cfb"); however, the summers tend to be warmer and the winters milder than most areas of similar classification. Substantial rainfall throughout the year prevents it from being classified as a Mediterranean climate, even though there is a drying trend in summer.
The average annual temperature in Vigo is 15°C. Compared many other Galician towns, Vigo experiences warmer summer temperatures and milder winters. This is due to its sheltered location, surrounded by mountains inland and the Illas Cíes out in the bay towards the sea.

{{Infobox Weather
|location = Vigo, Spain
|Jan_Hi_°C = 12
|Feb_Hi_°C = 13
|Mar_Hi_°C = 16
|Apr_Hi_°C = 16
|May_Hi_°C = 19
|Jun_Hi_°C = 22
|Jul_Hi_°C = 24
|Aug_Hi_°C = 25
|Sep_Hi_°C = 23
|Oct_Hi_°C = 18
|Nov_Hi_°C = 15
|Dec_Hi_°C = 12
|Year_Hi_°C = 17.9
|Jan_Lo_°C = 6
|Feb_Lo_°C = 6
|Mar_Lo_°C = 8
|Apr_Lo_°C = 8
|May_Lo_°C = 11
|Jun_Lo_°C = 13
|Jul_Lo_°C = 15
|Aug_Lo_°C = 15
|Sep_Lo_°C = 14
|Oct_Lo_°C = 12
|Nov_Lo_°C = 9
|Dec_Lo_°C = 7
|Year_Lo_°C = 10.3
|Jan_Precip_mm = 160
|Feb_Precip_mm = 105.3
|Mar_Precip_mm = 92.8
|Apr_Precip_mm = 116.8
|May_Precip_mm = 90.1
|Jun_Precip_mm = 40.4
|Jul_Precip_mm = 33.8
|Aug_Precip_mm = 32.9
|Sep_Precip_mm = 70.7
|Oct_Precip_mm = 185.8
|Nov_Precip_mm = 172.6
|Dec_Precip_mm = 165.8
|Year_Precip_mm = 1227
|source =MSN Weather
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