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Velika Gorica

Croatia, Velika Gorica
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"Velika Gorica" is a town in Zagreb county, Croatia.

Velika Gorica lies to the south-east of Zagreb, near Zagreb Airport. It is part of the Zagreb metropolitan area.

Highway A11 (Zagreb-Sisak) is planned to become the western bypass of Velika Gorica. State route D31 will be the eastern bypass. It is planned that the bypasses will relieve the traffic along the overcrowded Velikogorička road, the fastest link between Zagreb and Velika Gorica as of now.

The population of the city itself (urban area) is 35,256 (2001), and administrative area of the city has a total of 63,517 residents.

Velika Gorica was founded in the year 1278. The whole region of Turopolje has been populated since ancient times. The Roman city of Andautonia was 8 km north-east from the present-day Velika Gorica.

otable residents and people from Velika Goric
A monument to the deceased defenders from the Croatian War of Independence.
* Vladimir Bakarić - Croatian communist and politician in Socialist Yugoslavia
* Igor Bišćan - football player (currently at NK Dinamo Zagreb)
* Tomislav Butina - football player (currently at NK Dinamo Zagreb)
* Mario Cvitanović - football player (currently at Energie Cottbus)
* Mato Lovrić - Croatian illustrator
* Jura Ozmec - Croatian sports commentator
* Tonino Picula - former Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs
* Božidar Prosenjak - Croatian writer
* Sonja Smolec - Croatian writer
* Ivan Šuker - present Croatian Minister of Finance
* Robert Troha - basketball player (currently at KK Cibona)
* Ivana Banfić - Croatian singer
* Jacques Houdek - Croatian singer
* Rene Medvešek - Croatian actor
* Gordan Kožulj - Croatian swimmer
* Ivan Žurić - Croatian journalist

onuments and Sightseeing
There is a museum of Turopolje, and a few other monuments scattered around the city. The town is home to a monument to the town"s deceased defenders from the Croatian War of Independence.

Velika Gorica has four elementary schools and one high school. There are elementary schools "Eugen Kvaternik", "Eugen Kumičić", "Juraj Habdelić" and "Nikola Hribar", high school and accredited College Velika Gorica.

Church of St. Mary BDM.

pen Universit
Established in 1960, it started with its rich and complex development in the former inn, which was situated across the present domicile building of this institution in 37 Zagrebačka Street. In the year of its establishment it was accompanied by the already existing Public Library, and three years later, in 1963, by the Cinema Company “Prosvjeta”. Together, they carried on with their activities in the former House of Cooperative “Zadružni dom”, where the present administration is situated and a part of the activities is performed still today.

By starting and developing numerous activities the University has spread out to new locations. The most important step was made in 1980, when the Cultural Centre was built, with the gallery, another library and a chamber hall in Galženica, a part of Velika Gorica.

In the late 80’s, the activities of the University were also performed in the old Secondary School at 5 Zagrebačka Street (Music School), in the House of Social Protection (Dom društvene samozaštite), today’s Fire Brigade building (radio-station) and in Podbrežnica settlement (library). In 1993 the Music School moved to a new building in Kolarova Street where it has remained until the present day.
Exactly on the premises of The Open University many people of Velika Gorica saw their first film or a theatre performance, they borrowed their first book, or attended their first concert or an exhibition. There they learned first notes and foreign words. They entered the disco club for the first time in their life. They learned how to drive a car or heard their own voices on a radio station. Some of them, thanks to this broad specter of activities, right here published their first books or displayed their first exhibitions.

Today, in the Open University one can satisfy the most vital cultural needs (theatre, gallery, concerts, publishing, and cinematography) that really make our city alive. Its possibilities for development are so broad that they simply can’t never finish. The building of the Open University has been restored and technically properly equipped and it listens attentively to the needs of the people of Velika Gorica, taking part in their everyday events of happiness, their everyday lamentations and simply in their everyday life.

ibraries and gallerie

Libraries and reading rooms in Turopolje have long tradition. Interest and love for books are deeply rooted in these regions. Town library Velika Gorica is a traditional descendant of the Reading Room in Velika Gorica, established in 1886. Since October 1999 it has operated independently on two locations: The Central Library 37 Zagrebačka Street and the Regional Galženica Library, 5 S. Radić Square.

uroplje Museu
Turopolje Museum.
For forty years it has been a site you can’t possibly avoid if you want to learn something more about the history of this region. Newly restored building, it itself played a great role in town’s rich history, because it was the former town hall of the Noble Commune of Turopolje. It is situated in the centre of Velika Gorica, on the eastern part of the main park. This one-storey house with arches on the ground floor was built in 1765 and since 1848 assemblies “spravišća” used to be held in the large hall on the upper floor. The rooms next to the hall were “the archives” where the important documents of the Noble Commune were kept. Prisons used to be on the ground floor and later the rooms were leased. Turopolje Museum was founded in 1960. It houses archaeological, ethnographic, cultural and historic collections of Velika Gorica region. Museum materials cover about 3500 objects and over 20 000 photographies and negatives. Each exhibit hides its own story. It’s a little piece in the mosaic of history.

ublic monument

At the end of 1970s, together with town planning development and expansion of new settlements and whole town districts people became conscious of their needs for artistic – esthetic development of the city and its surroundings, that is, they wanted to enrich public places and green parks with pieces of art.


notable sports clubs in Velika Gorica include football clubs HNK Gorica and NK Udarnik, male handball club HRK Gorica, female volleyball club OK Azena and male basketball club KK Gorica.


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