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EuCitizen (12.03.2016):
We do not want corrupt ukrainians to get visa free access to EU. We do not want to pay the bills of corrupt ukrainians. Money would end up going to oligarchs anyway. Ukrainians need to clean their society themselves, not accuse everybody else about their mess.
Paul (05.03.2016):
Igor, are you a daughter of an officer?
Paul (05.03.2016):
Are you a daughter of an officer?
Igor (04.03.2016):
Russia has never ocupied Crymea. I live in Sevastopol and have never been the the ukrainian. Ukraine has commited an act of terror against crymean people when in november last year cut of the elcrisity line.
MightyUkraine (04.03.2016):
Well, fuck you then. Just bring the free trade deal to life after 3 years of dull promises, give visa free status and provide us with interest-free fundings, finally. That would be enough for now.
Bandera (03.03.2016):
Юнкерку - на гиляку! Слава Україні! Смерть ворогам.
Vlad (03.03.2016):
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