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Turkey, Turgutlu
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"Turgutlu" is a town and district of Manisa Provce the Aegean region of Turkey. Accordg to the 2000 census, population of the district is 121,020 of which 93,727 live the town of Turgutlu. The district covers an area of , and the town lies at an elevation of .

Its name derives from the name of the Turkish clan of "Turgut" that had come down from the surroundg mounta regions and had been made to settle at the actual location of the town the Gediz pla durg the reign of Murad II who, it should be recalled, had resided his favorite town of nearby Manisa on two occasions durg his rule, and for rather long periods.

The city is alternatively called, "Kasaba" (often spelled as "Casaba" or "Cassaba" the 19th century Western sources also) among habitants of Manisa and İzmir provces, which simply means "the town". And the people of Turgutlu often use "Kasabalı", especially between each other, to describe their hometown. Despite the general signification of these terms (Kasaba beg the "town", and Kasabalı, the "townspeople"), people around Turkey usually understand that Turgutlu is beg specifically referred to.

The town acquired regional importance once it became the termus of the 93 km. French-operated railway that had started to be constructed partance of İzmir 1863. İzmir-Kasaba railway (the town alternatively called Kasaba durg the Ottoman period) the third railway le built the Ottoman Empire, and the second Ottoman Asia, completed a few months later the same year of 1866 as the rival le of İzmir-Aydın built by the British. As such, Turgutlu became the hub for the agricultural produce of the fertile Gediz pla. It made a "kaza" (a district center) 1868, comprisg, the town itself, a population of 25000 (with around 22000 Muslims, the rest beg Greeks or Jews), as well as 2 separate municipalities with the district (Urganlı and Derbent) and 33 villages.

Turgutlu remaed under Greek occupation between 29 May 1919 and 7 September 1922. The most bitter blow suffered by the town has been the fire started by the retreatg Greek army on 5 September 1922, and which has lasted for two whole days, destroyg 6127 buildgs a total of 6328, the historic Pasha Mosque, and the 20000 manuscript books preserved the town library, as well as at the very least a thousand human lives (based on the corpses that could be counted). The survival of another historical monument, the Hacı Zeynel Mosque and of the surroundg small agglomeration is locally still terpreted as dive tervention. James Loder Park, the U.S. Vice-Consul İstanbul at the time, who toured much of the devastated area immediately after the Greek evacuation, described the situation the western Anatolian cities and towns he has seen, as follows: "Manisa...almost completely wiped out by fire (...). Cassaba (present day Turgutlu) a town of 40,000 souls, 3,000 of whom were non-Moslems. Of these 37,000 Turks only 6,000 could be accounted for among the livg, while 1,000 Turks were known to have been shot or burned to death. Of the 2,000 buildgs that constituted the city, only 200 remaed standg. Ample testimony available to the effect that the city systematically destroyed (...). Kerosene and gasole were freely used to make the destruction more certa, rapid and complete. (...) The percentages of buildgs destroyed (...) Manisa 90 percent, Cassaba (Turgutlu) 90 percent, Alaşehir 70 percent, Salihli 65 percent. The burng of these cities not desultory, nor termittent, nor accidental, but well planned and thoroughly organized. (...) Without complete figures, (...) it may safely be surmised that "atrocities" committed by retirg Greeks numbered well to thousands the four cities under consideration."

Turgutlu has been reconstructed from the scratch and is today an dustrial base structured under the Chamber of Industry founded 1926. It is home to the production stallations of Tukaş, one of the most proment producers of canned food (mostly vegetables and fruits) Turkey, as well as of the Turkish branch of the vehicle giant BMC. The town"s dustrial sector as a whole displays as high a degree of dynamism as its agricultural production, with many small- and medium-sized enterprises active various fields. Experimental mg of nickel laterites by usg a heap leach process Mount Çal ("Dağı") near Turgutlu started 2005 by Sardes Nikel Madencilik AS , a subsidiary of European Nickel PLC . The reserves are estimated to be 33 million tons of ore at 1.13% Nickel and 0.08% cobalt content. The planned development of a nickel me and processg plant could deeply fluence the district"s economy with a potential to become one of the most important vestments Turkey"s Aegean Region.

otable people from Turgutl
Gen. Hilmi Özkök, the former (till August 2006) Chief of Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces is from Turgutlu.

Turgutlu townsfolk (the "Kasabalı") durg the 1935 general census


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