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Tulln an der Donau

Austria, Tulln an der Donau
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" an der Donau" (" on the Danube") is a town in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, and the seat of the district. Because of its abundance of parks and other green spaces, is often referred to as "Blumenstadt", meaning "city of flowers". While the town is surrounded by the erfeld flatland, almost all of its built-up area is located on the southern bank of the Danube.

is one of the oldest towns in Austria. Although it was settled in pre-Roman times (the name " is presumably a Celtic word), it gained importance as the Roman fort of Comagena (Comagenis). In the final years of Roman rule, Saint Severinus of Noricum is said to have visited the city, saving it from the Barbarians.

In 859, the town was first mentioned as "Tullina" in a document. It gained importance as a residence to the Babenberg Margraves, fading as Vienna eventually grew. On September 6, 1683, the Polish army united here with Imperial (Austrian) forces, as well as troops from Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, Franconia and Swabia, for the Battle of Vienna. The 20th century was another period of growth, and in 1986, applied to become capital of Lower Austria, although Sankt Pölten eventually won.

An important sugar producing plant, "Agrana Austria", is located in . Several important trade fairs, including camping equipment and boat shows, also take place in the town. Various state institutions of Lower Austria, such as the fire brigade or the disaster relief service, have their seat in . The Federal School of Aviation is also located in .

The 37-seat town council is dominated by the Austrian People"s Party, which holds 22 mandates. The town administration has lately carried out extensive urban traffic reform, extensively changing traffic lights with roundabouts, of which now has 22. Two bridges span the Danube in . The Franz Josef Railway crosses the Danube in , continuing via Krems to Gmünd. "Der Standard", a Viennese daily newspaper, is produced in .

According to the Nibelungenlied, it was in that Attila the Hun saw Gudrun and proposed to her. A fountain, the "Nibelungen-Brunnen" ("the Nibelungen Fountain") was dedicated to this event in 2005.

The famous Austrian painter Egon Schiele was born in , and a museum ("Egon Schiele Museum ") is dedicated to him. Other important sights include a convent ("Minoritenkloster"), several churches, and a 4th century Roman tower.

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