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Italy, Teramo
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"Teramo" is a city and "comune" in the central Italian region of Abruzzo, the capital of the province of Teramo.

The city, from Rome, is situated between the highest mountains of Appenini (Gran Sasso d’Italia) and the Adriatic coast. It is indeed one of the few places where you can reach, both the sunny beaches of the Adriatic sea and the covered by snow Appenine peaks, in less than half an hour from the city centre. The town is by the confluence of the Vezzola and Tordino rivers.

The economy of the town is mostly based on activities connected with agriculture and commerce, as well as a sound industrial sector: textiles, foods, engineering, building materials and ceramics. Teramo can easily be reached from the A14 autostrada and in very less than two hours by car from Rome via the A24 autostrada.

The name

Interamna (Greek: : Eth. Interamnas, Interamnātis), was the name of several cities in different parts of Italy. Its obvious etymology, already pointed out by Varro and Festus, indicates their position at the confluence of two streams."inter amnes", Varro "L. L." v.28, Fest. "v." Amnes, p. 17, Müll. The form Interamnium (Greek: ), and the ethnic form Interamnis, are also found, but more rarely. The name referred to the two rivers Vezzola and Tordino, between which it lies.

The name is already corrupted in extant manuscripts of the "Liber Coloniarum" into "Teramne", whence its modern form of Teramo. But in the Middle Ages it appears to have been known also by the name of "Aprutium", supposed to be a corruption of "Praetutium", or rather of the name of the people Praetutii, applied (as was so often the case in Gaul) to their chief city. Thus the name "Abrutium" is present among the cities of Picenum enumerated by the "Geographer of Ravenna" (iv. 31); and under the Lombards a "comes Aprutii" is mentioned. The name has been retained in that of Abruzzo, now a region of Italy.


Interamna was founded by the Praetutii (who according to some ancient legends were possibly connected to the Phoenicians, although most scholars consider them related to another nearby Italic tribe, the Piceni) as their capital. The name is omitted by Pliny, but is found in Ptolemy, who distinctly assigns it to the Praetutii; and it is mentioned also in the "Liber Coloniarum" among the "Civitates Piceni" (cities of Picenum). It there bears the epithet of "Palestina" or, as the name is elsewhere written, "Paletina"; the origin and meaning of which are wholly unknown but may be related to legendary associations between the Praetutii and the Phoenicians.Ptol. iii. 1. § 58; Lib. Col. pp. 226, 259. In the genuine fragments of Frontinus, on the other hand, the citizens are correctly designated as "Interamnates Praetutiani".Frontinus i. p. 18, ed. Lachm.

It was conquered by consul Manius Curius Dentatus in 290 BCE, and made a "Municipium". During the Social War (91-88 BCE) it sided against Sulla, who deprived it of its municipium status. The latter was restored by Julius Caesar. Being situated in the interior of the country, at a distance from the highroads, the name is not found in the Itineraries, but we know that it was an episcopal see and a place of some importance under the Roman Empire. Vestiges of the ancient theatre, of baths and other buildings of Roman date, as well as statues, altars, and other ancient remains, have been discovered on the site: numerous inscriptions have been also found, in one of which the citizens are designated as "Interamnites Praetutiani".Romanelli, vol iii. pp. 297-301; Mommsen, "I. R. N." pp. 329-331.

The city rapidly declined after the fall of the Western Empire and, following Goth and Byzantine domination, became part of the territories of the Lombard Duchy of Spoleto. In 1156 it was put on fire by Norman Count Robert of Loretello and then rebuilt thanks to Bishop Guido II. In the 14th- and 15th centuries it was plagued by feuds between local families which finally ended under the Aragonese dominion. After that it shared the fortunes of the Kingdom of Naples – under which it was the capital of the province of "Abruzzo Ulteriore" – until in 1860 it was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. For a long period of time, Teramo was a border place between the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Papal States, and therefore acquired a distinct identity.

During World War II the people of Teramo rebelled against the German occupation. This deed earned the province of Teramo the Gold Medal for Civil Valour, assigned by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi on September 15, 2005. The town was liberated from forces of the Nazis and fascists of Salò on June 14, 1944.

Nowadays the general aspect is more recent due to many 19th- and 20th century buildings.


The climate is fresh-temperate. In the coolest month (January) temperatures average 5.5, and in the warmest month (July) they average 24. In the winter time though they can experience copious amounts of snowfall, as in 2005. The precipitations are not frequent and mostly concentrated in late spring. The summers are characterized by days of somewhat intense heat.

Main sights

San Berardo.
Teramo Duomo
The main monuments of the city are:
* the majestic Cathedral of San Berardo, built in 1158 by bishop Guido II, in Romanesque style. Noteworthy is the great portal in Gothic style, finished in 1332 by the Roman master Deodato di Cosma. It houses a precious silver "paliotto" by Nicola of Guardagriele (with 35 scenes of the life of Jesus) and a polyptych by the Venetian artist Jacobello del Fiore depicting the "Incoronation of the Virgin". Annexed is a 50 m bell tower.
* the Romanesque church of "Sant"Antonio" (1127), with a fine portal. The interior, with a single nave, was renovated along Baroque lines.
* the church of "San Getulio", built in the early Middle Ages on the ruins of a Roman temple, finally destroyed in 1155 by the Normans. Only the presbyterium and some Romanesque elements remain of the original building.
* the church of "San Domenico" (14th century) with a fine "Virgin with Child".
* the sanctuary of the "Madonna delle Grazie" (also known as "Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie"). It has a notable Romanesque cloister and a 15th century miraculous wooden statue of the Virgin, attributed to Silvestro dell"Aquila.
* the "Palazzo Vescovile" ("Bishops Palace"), from the 14th century.
* the remains of the Roman theatre (built about 30 BCE) and of the amphitheatre (about 3rd-4th century CE).


An art exhibit, "Maggio Festeggiante", is held each May. The summer calendar of events is very rich, with the Teramo Literary Prize and the Interamnia Handball Cup, an international event with athletes coming from all over the world. A week in October is also dedicated to an important international photography of film show.

The region of Teramo also houses an important astronomical observatory, entitled to Vincenzo Cerulli.

Notable people
People born in or around Teramo include:
* Berardo da Pagliara, (?-1123), bishop and patron saint of the city and diocese
* Melchiorre Delfico, (1744-1835), Enlightenment philosopher
* Giacinto Pannella, (1847-1927), author
* Vincenzo Cerulli (1859-1927), astronomer
* Ivan Graziani, (1945-1997), singer-songwriter
* Marco Pannella (1930-now), europolitician
* Francesco Possenti, (1838-1861), also known as Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. Patron saint of Abruzzo
* Marco Reginelli, (1897-1956) underworld boss
* Felice Centofanti, (1969-present), a former soccer player
* Marco Mordente, (1979-present), Basketball player
* Gianni Di Venanzo, (1920-1966), cinematographer

Neighborhoods of Teramo
* Il Castello
* Colleparco
* Gammarana
* Madonna della Cona
* San Berardo
* San Benedetto
* San Leonardo
* Santa Maria a Bitetto
* Santo Spirito
* Villa Mosca
* Villa Pavone
* Piano della Lenta
* Colleatterrato

Cannelli, Caprafico, Castagneto, Castrogno, Cavuccio, Cerreto, Chiareto, Colle Caruno, Colleatterrato Alto, Colleminuccio, Colle Santa Maria, Forcella (located about 11 kilometers from Teramo and dominating the Vomano Valley, Frondarola, Galeotti, Garrano, Garrano Basso, Magnanella, Miano, Monticelli, Nepezzano, Pantaneto, Poggio Cono, Piano D"Accio, Piano della Lenta, Poggio San Vittorino, Ponzano, Putignano, Rapino, Rocciano, Rupo, Sardinara, Saccoccia, San Nicolò a Tordino (important industrial zone located along the axis joining Teramo to the sea), San Pietro ad Lacum, Sant"Atto, Scapriano, Sciusciano, Sorrenti, Spiano, Tofo Sant"Eleuterio, Tordinia, Turri, Valle San Giovanni, Valle Soprana, Varano, Villa Falchini, Villa Gesso, Villa Ripa, Villa Romita, Villa Stanghieri, Villa Taraschi, Villa Viola, Villa Vomano (located in the Vomano valley and an important link to the autostrada).

The Scapriano center during a match.
Teramo Basket is a young but established basketball team playing in Serie A, the Italian professional basketball league. It ranked #3 in 2009 Italian league and it is playing the Eurocup in 2010. Teramo has been an important launch pad for both Italian and American players such as Bobby Jones, Clay Tucker, Jaycee Carroll, Roger Powell, Hassan Adams and more...


H.C. are two handball teams (male and female) playing in in the Serie A division: the major handball championship in Italy. The city hosts the every July, the handball world cup with more than 30 teams from all over the world.

"Comunale stadium"

Teramo Calcio is the local professional football team, established in 1913, and currently playing in Eccellenza. Many famous players wore Teramo Calcio shirt in the past. We can mention Enrico Chiesa, Julio César de León, Simone Pepe and even though for 1 month only, the world-champion Fabio Grosso. The "Comunale stadium" has a capacity of 8,000 and it hosts concerts and football matches.

Teramo City Hall
At the municipal level, the City of Teramo has a council made up of the mayor and councilmen that are elected every 5 years. In Italy every citizen over 18 has the right to vote.

The current Mayor Maurizio Brucchi was elected in June 2009, as the ex Mayor Gianni Chiodi resigned to be proposed (and then elected) as a candidate of the Abruzzo region president.

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
Teramo is twinned with:

* Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, since 2005
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Strovolos, Cyprus
* Memmingen, Germany
* Rishon LeZion, Israel
* Berane, Montenegro
* Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, since 2007


"Virtù", a typical Teramo dish.
The provincial Teramo gastronomy is known for its variety and richness. Typical ingredients include agnello (lamb), peperoncino (hot pepper), formaggio pecorino (sheep milk cheeses), and slow roasted pork. Common wines are the renowned Montepulciano and Trebbiano d"Abruzzo.

Typical dishes from Teramo and the surrounding communities include the following:
* scrippelle - This dish is served in the throughout the Teramo province and is somewhat similar to French crepes, although typically made without milk. There are two common variations. The first is scrippelle "mbusse - (dialect for scrippelle in brodo or broth) and consists of scrippelle rolled up in Pecorino or Parmesan cheese and served in chicken broth. A second variation is timballo - scrippelle layered with ragù, meat or tiny meatballs (polpettini), various cheeses such as scamorza, and sometimes peas (piselli).
* maccheroni alla chitarra - a flat, stringlike egg pasta which takes its name from the wooden instrument, basically a wooden frame strung with fine metal wire, called a chitarra (guitar), used to cut the pasta.
* mazzarelle d"agnello - lamb"s lung and innards wrapped in beet greens or chard and braised in white wine or tomato sauce. Not for the feint of heart and not to be confused with mozzarella cheese.
* le virtù - a vegetable soup typically prepared in May of each year to celebrate spiritual redemption and the bountiful virtues of the Earth. It is made with a wide variety of locally-grown vegetables and typically includes "annit" (a type of wild fennel).
* tacchino - a dish famous in the nearby provincial town of Canzano. Made by slow baking a turkey in gelatin (and ancient method of preserving meat) and typically served cold.
* vino cotto - a fortified wine, found also in the Marche region, produced by slowly boiling down grape juice before fermatation and aging thus producing a sweet and rich dessert-type of wine. Consumed both straight up and in cooking.
* caggiunitti - deep fried almond fritters typically made with chocolate and almonds.

Teramo is also home to Torrefazione Adriatica, S.p.A., founded in 1942 and manufacturer of Marcafe, one of the most important brands of coffee in Italy.


In 2005 the Italian Ministry of Health found that Teramo, along with Rome, had the best drinking water to be found in Italy.



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| footnotes = }}"Turin" ( ; Piedmontese: "Turin"; ) is a major city as well as a business and cultural centre in northern Italy, capital of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the left bank of the Po River surrounded by the Alpine arch.
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