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Russia, Taganrog
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|LeaderName=Nikolay Fedyanin
|Legislature=City Duma
|FoundationDate=September 12, 1698
|Event1=Town status (as Troitsk)
|Event2=renamed Taganrog
|DialingCode= +7 8634
|date=October 2009}}

"Taganrog" (, ) is a seaport city in Rostov Oblast, Russia, located on the north shore of Taganrog Bay (Sea of Azov), a few miles west ot the mouth of the River Don. Population: 279,000 (2005 est.); .

The first Russian Navy base, Taganrog was officially founded by Peter I The Great on September 12, 1698.

istory of Taganro

andmarks and tourist attraction

*Alferaki Palace
*Taganrog Museum of Art
*Alexander I Palace
*Mariinskaya Gymnasium
*Anatoly Durov-museum
*Depaldo stone stairs
*City bar
*Garibaldi Monument in Taganrog
*Alexander I Statue in Taganrog
*Ranevskaya Monument
*Taganrog City Architectural Development Museum
*Ivan Vasilenko-museum
*St.Nicholas Church
*Pushkin Embankment in Taganrog

andmarks related to Anton Chekhov or Chekhov famil
*Chekhov Gymnasium
*Chekhov Library
*Chekhov Shop
*Peter the Great Monument
*Taganrog Theater named after Anton Chekhov
*Alexandrovskiye Trade Rows
*Gorky Park
*Birthhouse of Anton Chekhov
*Chekhov Monument in Taganrog

aganrog in literature and popular cultur
The image of the city and its people is featured in numerous Anton Chekhov works, including "Ionych", "The House with an Attic", "The Man in a Shell", "Van"ka", "Three Years", "Mask", "My Life" and more. It is believed that Taganrog image may be used as "Lukomorie" (fairy tale land) in Alexander Pushkin"s "Ruslan and Lyudmila" (1820). It also appeared in the novels of Ivan Vasilenko, Konstantin Paustovsky and in the poems of Nikolay Sherbina and Valentin Parnakh.

The conspiratorial legend of "Elder Fyodor Kuzmich" is cited in the book Roza Mira by Russian mystic Daniil Andreyev. According to this legend, the Russian tsar Alexander I did not die in Taganrog, but instead left his crown and the status of monarch to continue his life as a traveling hermit.

In 1984, the city was mentioned in the Mashina Vremeni song "Razgovor v Poezde" ("Conversation in the Train").

In 2004 Irish poet of German heritage Sabine Wichert published a collection of poems titled "Taganrog".

In 2006, the city was mentioned in the Aquarium"s song "The Meaning of All Existing Things" ("O Smisle Vsego Sushevo") from the album "Bespechniy Russkiy Brodyaga"("Carefree Russian Wanderer").

In 2006 in Aquarium"s song "Unknown Facts from Elvis Presley"s Biography" («Неизвестные факты из биографии Элвиса Пресли»):
"Elvis Presley was a son of the Empress of Venus and a smuggler from Taganrog.

«Элвис Пресли был сыном императрицы с Венеры и контрабандиста из Таганрога»

One of the fictional personalities (Sergey Yurievich Belyakov, played by Sergey Svetlakov) on the TV sketch show Nasha Russia is from Taganrog.

In foreign literature, the city was mentioned in the titles of the following novels: "Der Tote von Taganrog" by Eberhard von Cranach-Sichart, "Taganrog" (dedicated to death or disappearance of Alexander I of Russia) by Reinhold Schneider.

otable peopl

Numerous Russian and international aristocrats, politicians, artists, and scientists were born and/or have lived in Taganrog. Taganrog is the native city of Anton Chekhov, Faina Ranevskaya, Sophia Parnok, Alexandre Koyré and Dmitri Sinodi-Popov; names of Russian emperors Peter I of Russia and Alexander I of Russia; Cornelius Cruys, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Konstantin Paustovsky, Nestor Kukolnik, Achilles Alferaki, Ioannis Varvakis, Sergei Bondarchuk and many other famous people are brought in mind when Taganrog is named.

The city of Taganrog is the leading industrial center of the Rostov Oblast. Local industry is presented by aerospace, machine-building, automobile, military, iron and steel industry, engineering, metal traders and processors, timber, woodwork, pulp and paper, food, light, chemical and industry of construction materials, and one of the major ports of the Azov Sea.

The area around Taganrog has a large industrial potential, a diversified agricultural industry, production plants and a modern infrastructure. The location of Taganrog on the intersection of traffic routes and the seaport facilitate access to the emerging CIS markets.

Taganrog"s main trading partners are: CIS countries, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

igher educatio
*Taganrog College of Technologies
*Taganrog Teachers College

iews of Taganro

Image:Alexandre1 Palace Taganrog.jpg|Alexander I Palace in Taganrog, where the Russian Emperor died in 1825, as appears on a 19th century postcard.
Image:Assumption Cathedral.jpg|The Assumption Cathedral in Taganrog, Russia (1818-1938), where Anton Chekhov was christened on February 10, 1860.
Image:Chekhov-Statue-Taganrog2006.jpg|Chekhov Monument in Taganrog (1960, photographed in 2006).
Image:Peterdenstore.jpg|The Peter the Great Monument in the city of Taganrog (sculptor Mark Antokolski) as appears on a 19th century postcard.
Image:Taganrog_Theater.jpg|Taganrog City Theater (1866), founded in 1827 and named after Anton Chekhov in 1944 as appears on a 19-century postcard.
Image:Greek monastery taganrog.jpg|The Greek Monastery (1809-1814), where the burial service for the Russian Czar Alexandre I of Russia was read in 1825. The Statue of Alexandre I (sculptor Ivan Martos) inaugurated in 1831.
Image:Martos Taganrog.jpg|Alexander I Statue in Taganrog (sculptor Ivan Martos), 1831
Image:Mansion of varvakis.jpg|The Mansion of Ivan Varvatsi (Ioannis Varvakis) in Taganrog on a 19th century postcard.
Image:Taganrog gymnasium boys.jpg|The Boys Gymnasium in Taganrog (1843), founded in 1809 on a 19-th century postcard. Today - Chekhov Literary Museum.
Image:ChekhovGymnasium2006.jpg|The Chekhov Gymnasium (Literary Museum (photo of 2006).
Image:Mariinka gymnasium.jpg|Mariinskaya Gymnasium ("Mariinka") in Taganrog on a 19-th century postcard. Among its graduates were:Faina Ranevskaya, Sophia Parnok, Nadezhda Sigida, Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya, Seraphima Blonskaya
Image:Chekhov Birthhouse.jpg|Birthhouse of Anton Chekhov (1859) is a small outbuilding, where the great Russian story and playwright writer Anton Chekhov was born on 29 January 1860 (photo of 2006).
Image:House_ranevskaya.jpg|Photograph of the Birthhouse of Faina Ranevskaya in the city of Taganrog, Russia.
Image:Alferaki Palace 2008.jpg|Alferaki Palace in Taganrog, Russia (1848).
Image:Kukolnik residence.jpg|Residence of Russian poet and playwright Nestor Kukolnik, later "Azov-Don Commercial Bank", today the building of "Taganrog Branch of the Savings Bank of Russia" and "Taganrog State Archive" as appears on a 19-century postcard.
Image:Birthhouse_parnokhs.jpg|The birth house of Valentin Parnakh, Sophia Parnok and Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya in Taganrog, Russia.
Image:Gobyato_Birthhouse.jpg|The birth house of designer of the world"s first modern Mortar (weapon), General Leonid Gobyato in Grecheskaya Street.
Image:Sinodi-Popov_Birthhouse.jpg|The birth house of the artist Dmitri Sinodi-Popov.
Image:Spanish_Consulate.jpg|Former Spanish & Portuguese Consulate building (1872), now State Treasury in Taganrog, Russia.
Image:Taganrogmuseumofart.jpg|Taganrog Museum of Art (1870).
Image:Peter2005.jpg|The Peter the Great Monument in the city of Taganrog (1903).
Image:Depaldo_stone_stairs.jpg|Depaldo stone stairs in Taganrog (photo 1900s).
Image:Таган_05.jpg|City bar in Taganrog (photo 1900s).
Image:Garibaldi Taganrog.jpg| Garibaldi Monument in Taganrog (1961, photo 2006)
Image:Alexander Trade Rows.jpg|Alexandrovskiye Trade Rows on an old postcard, late 19th century.
Image:Alexandrovskie rows 2006.jpg|Alexandrovskiye Trade Rows in 2006.

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
Taganrog is twinned with:
* Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria (1963)
* Vlissingen, Netherlands (1989)
* Lüdenscheid, Germany (1991)
* Giresun, Turkey (October 10, 1995)
* Famagusta ("Ammochostos"), Cyprus (2000)
* Mariupol", Ukraine
* Badenweiler, Germany (2002)
* Jining, People"s Republic of China (June 3, 2009)
* Pinsk, Belarus (June 25, 2009)
* Khartsyzsk, Ukraine (September 18, 2009)

ee als
*List of People in Taganrog
*History of Taganrog
*Anton Chekhov
*Peter the Great
*Alexander I of Russia
*Governors of Taganrog


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