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Macedonia, Skopje
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urrounding municipalitie

dministrative division
is an administrative division within the Republic of Macedonia constituted of 10 municipalities. As a such administrative unit is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. It is part of statistical region (Скопски регион).

The organisation of , like a distinct unit of the local-selfgovernment is defined by the Law of .


istory of administratio
*From 1976 until 1996 Macedonian was organised as a distinct social-political community comprising five municipalities: Gazi Baba, Karpoš, Kisela Voda,Centar and Čair.
*From 1996 to 2004 was defined as a distinct unit of the local self-government and had 7 municipalities: Gazi Baba, Karpoš, Kisela Voda,Centar and Čair, Šuto Orizari and Gjorče Petrov.

The mayor of is elected directly. The current mayor is Koce Trajanovski. He was elected in April 2009.

Since the 1990s the city"s position as a transportation hub is increasing in Southeast Europe since it stands at an intersection of two main European transport corridors - Corridor VIII (East-West) and Corridor X (North-South). This significance of the city has been enhanced by the construction of new highways on the two transversals, the new ring road, and the ongoing extension and modernization of Alexander the Great Airport.

E65 section of the northern bypass
has one international airport: Alexander the Great Airport located in the Petrovec Municipality, about 22 kilometers east from the city center. MAT Macedonian Airlines flies to many international destinations across Europe as well as Ohrid. A variety of other airlines serve the airport.
The airport has been given under concession to the Turkish company TAV, which should start works on a new 3 million passengers terminal in late August 2009 and finish it within 20 months.


The E75 highway connecting Vardø in Norway and Crete in Greece runs just east of , thus linking most of Europe with the Macedonian capital. The E75 highway in Macedonia connects Kumanovo, Veles, Negotino, and Gevgelija.
A bus in
The E65 highway runs through the northern and western edges of the city and is part of the 26.5 km long Northern Bypass. The E65 in Macedonia also connects Tetovo, Gostivar, Kičevo, Ohrid and Bitola


The Central Railway Station is approximately 2 kilometers east of the city center. It"s part of the "Transportation Center" Complex built in the 1970s. It has 10 platforms and is suspended on a massive concrete bridge about 2 km long.

"Taxis and Buses":

The main bus station is 2 kilometers east of the city center located in the Transportation Center housing also the central railway station. Buses run through the whole city connecting different areas; the average price for a ticket is 30 denars or about 0.5 euro. Taxis are all over the city, they go between the city center and the airport frequently. The price for a drive to or from the airport is about 17 euros or 900 Macedonian denars. The average price going through the city is 3 euros or 160 denars. Taxis can also drive to other Macedonian cities but it is usually costly for an average Macedonian.

According to the 2002 census, the population of was 506,926 people. The main ethnic groups are Macedonians - 338,358, who make 66.75% of the population, followed by Albanians - 103,891 (20.49%), Roma - 23,475 (4.63%), Serbs - 14,298 (2.82%), Turks - 8,595 (1.70%), Bosniaks - 7,585 (1.50%) and Aromanians (Vlachs) - 2,557 (0.50%) and others - 8,167 (1.61%)

97.5% of the population over the age of 10 is literate.


Stone bridge at night

tone Bridg

The Stone Bridge in the city square is built under the patronage of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror between 1451 and 1469. This bridge represents the connection between ’s past and present and today is featured as the emblem of the city of . The bridge was partially renovated in the 1990s.

ld Tow
the entrance to the Old Town
The Old Town is situated in an area between the Stone Bridge and the Bit Bazaar, and between the Kale fortress and the Vardar River. In the past all economic activities in the city were taking place in this part of it. In the period between the 16th and 17th centuries, the Old Town reached its urban and economic zenith, developing into one of the largest and most significant oriental old bazaars in the Balkans. It is full of bustling shops that beckon visitors. This bazaar is an interesting mixture of Eastern and Western culture.

acedonia squar

Macedonia square
This square is the largest and most important of ’s squares. It is dramatically widened by the destruction of the massive neoclassical National Bank and Army House during the 1963 earthquake. The most remarkable building is the Ristić Palace. However, the focus of the square is still the Stone Bridge, and it’s a pleasant place to spend time in good weather. During the warmer months concerts are performed in the square.

ale Fortres

This fortress is situated in a hill above the city and there were settlements that existed before the Turks created the extensive castle walls that survived until today. The present fortress was originally built by the Byzantines in the 6th century. It is supposed that the stone blocks used in this construction were taken from the destroyed city of Skupi nearby. After the 1963 earthquake, Kale’s circular, rectangular and square towers were conserved and restored. Today this fortress is the one of the best sightseeing spots in .

Old railway station in

ld Railway Statio
The clock on this old train station stopped at 5:17 am since the morning of 26 July 1963, when this piece of the grand modernist station of was one of the few parts of the city that remained standing after a massive earthquake crushed the city. It measured 6.1 on the Richter scale, killed nearly two thousand people, and left over a hundred thousand homeless after destroying about 80% of the city. It"s a reminder of a tragic moment in "s history.

The Millennium Cross on top of Vodno mountain

illennium Cros
The Millennium Cross, situated on the peak of the mountain Vodno, is a tourist attraction. At high, it is the biggest cross in the world and can be seen from away. It was built to celebrate 2000 years of the existence of Christianity and of Macedonia as a biblical land.
Kuršumli An

uršumli A
This former Turkish inn features architecturally interesting arches and domes. Because lead was used to top the structure, it became known as the "Lead Inn" (Kursumli An, in Turkish "Kurşunlu Han"). Now it is sharing its location with a national museum for Macedonia. This type of structure, once common in Islamic cities, is known as a "caravanserai". Its appearance is identical to those of the caravanserais that were built in the Islamic urban centers of these times. It is an impressive building with decorated walls and numerous small domes of a pyramidal shape. Its roof was covered by lead, and this is how its name originated ("kurşum" is a changed form of "kurşun" which means lead in Turkish language).

ustafa Pasha Mosqu

Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Of the old mosques in the city, Mustapha Pasha Mosque is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings of Ottoman architecture in . Located on a hill facing Fort Kale, this mosque dominates the whole surroundings and was built in the last decade of the 15th century when the military spahi system of Osmanli Turkish feudalism had reached the peak of its development. It is an endowment of Mustapha Pasha, an eminent figure in the Turkish state during the rule of Sultan Bayezid II and Sultan Selim I. The year of Mustapha Pasha"s death is engraved on the entrance of his mausoluem, which is located by the mosque. It shows him to have died in 1519. The mausoleum and the mosque were both badly damaged in "s 1963 earthquake, and restoration and conservation work was started in 1968. The interior of the mosque, like that of the porch, is mostly decorated with stylized plants. On the walls of the praying space are calligraphic inscriptions (lehve) with the names of Allah, Mohammed and his followers (Ebubekira, Ali, Osman and Omer) and quotations from the Qu"ran. The painted decorations are more recent, mainly from 1933 when the mosque was renovated. This can be seen from the intense blue and black color of the ornaments, which are often a confusing mass of color. Most of the city"s 1930s "Balkan Art Nouveau" buildings were also destroyed in 1963 but some characteristic examples remain. Non-worshippers are not always granted access, but the building is at least lovely on the outside, with well-maintained gardens.

other Teresa site
Memorial House of Mother Teresa

There are several landmarks of Mother Teresa in , the city where she was born, including a marker of her birthplace, a statue, and a memorial house. The Memorial House of Mother Teresa in was opened in early 2009.


An ancient List of aqueducts in the Roman aqueduct survives to the north of the city, near the village of Vizbegovo. One of stone bridges connecting both side of Vardar River dates back to the reign of Stefan Dušan.

, is one of the most important institution of Macedonia in discovering, treasuring and preserving the Contemporary Arts.
Тhe international community manifested an exceptionally wide solidarity in assisting the reconstruction of . An important part of that solidarity was also the action initiated by the International Association of the Plastic arts which on its convention held in October 1963 in New York, called upon the artists of the world to assist in creating a collection of works of art by which they would support the vision of the city reconstruction.
The building project was donated by the Polish Government which made a national competition to this and where the joint work of the Polish architects: J. Mokrzynski, E. Wierzbicki and W. Klyzewski was accepted. Having a total area of 5000 sq. m., the Museum building is made up of three connected wings which include the halls for temporary exhibitions, the premises for the permanent exhibition, the hall for lecturers, film and video presentation, the library and the archives, the administration, the conservation workshop, the depots and other departments. The great park areas, that enable the installation of various sculptural projects, as well as the spacious parking further relate to the immediate environment of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Jazz Festival is one of the most important jazz events in Southeast Europe held annually ever since 1981. The artists` profiles include fusion, acid jazz, Latin Jazz, smooth jazz, and avant-garde jazz, which brings a great variety and richness to this festival. Ray Charles, Tito Puente, Gotan Project, Al Di Meola, Youssou N"Dour, just to name few, have taken part at this festival. The Jazz Festival is part of the European Jazz Network and The European Forum of World Wide Festivals. It is held in October.

The " Cultural Summer Festival" is renowned cultural event that takes place in each year during the summer. The festival is a member of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) and it comprises musical concerts, operas, ballets and plays, art and photo-exhibitions, movies, performances and multimedia projects, that gather each year about 2 000 participants from around the world (United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, Russia, Canada, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Austria, the Scandinavian countries, Iran etc), including St Petersburg Theatre, the Chamber Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre, Irina Arkhipova, Aleksandar Shilo, Viktor Tretiakov (Russia), The Theatre of Shadows from Tehran (Iran), Sophie Boulin, Michel Dalberto (France), David Burgess, Nan Hughes, William Feasley (United States), Vassilis Rakopoulos (Greece), Roger Woodford, the Sirinu Ensemble (United Kingdom) and Izumi Tateno (Finland).

"Blues and Soul Festival" is a relatively new event in the Macedonian cultural scene that occurs every summer between July 1 and 4, as a part of the Cultural Summer Festival. Many important blues and soul figures have been guests, including Larry Coryell, Mick Taylor & All Stars Blues Band, Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff, João Bosco, The Temptations, Tolo Marton Trio, Blues Wire, Phil Guy, Nick & The Backbone, Blues Company, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Mama’s Pit, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Kimbiza, Rod Barthet Band, Mr. Lucky and Sen-Sa-Shun Band, Juke Joint Express, Muscle Theory, and David ‘’Honeyboy’’ Edwards.

"May Opera Evenings" is a festival that occurs in since 1972 and it is dedicated to opera and making opera more popular among the public. It has evolved into a stage on which artists from some 50 countries across the globe have performed with distinction to high international standards.

"The Open Youth Theatre Festival" is established In May 1976 by a group of young enthusiasts. More than 250 theatrical performances have been presented at this festival so far, most of them by alternative, experimental theatre groups engaging young writers and actors. Recently, the festival became a member of the Brussels Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM). Within the framework of the Open Youth Theatre, a Macedonian National Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) was established, and at the 25th ITI World Congress in Munich in 1993, it was received as a regular member of this theatre association. Now, the Open Youth Theatre festival is an international festival representing groups from the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, the United States, France, the Soviet Union, Russia, Spain, Japan, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, India and other countries.
Philip II Arena in .
big Macedonian flag in the Boris Trajkovski Arena.


As the capital and most important city in Macedonia, is home to several sports teams and venues. FK Vardar and FK Rabotnički are the two strongest and most popular football teams, whilst RK Kometal Gjorče Petrov is the most popular handball team. has four major sports indoor halls, of which the Boris Trajkovski Sports Arena is the biggest. The main stadium is the Philip II Arena and it hosts the Macedonia national football team.

amous people from

Notable people from include:

* Esma Redžepova
* Simon Trpceski
* Darko Dimitrov
* Elena Risteska
"Politicians and businessmen:"
* Vlado Bučkovski
* Nikola Gruevski
* Zoran Jolevski
* Srgjan Kerim
* Trifun Kostovski
* Vasil Tupurkovski
* Mike S. Zafirovski

*Olivera Nikolova, novelist
*Aleksandar Prokopiev, novelist and essayist
*Jovica Tasevski - Eternijan, poet, literary critic and essayist
*Labina Mitevska, actress
*Naum Panovski, theatre director
*Darko Tasevski, footballer
*Aleksandar Bajevski, footballer
*Kiril Dojčinovski, former footballer
*Saša Ilić, goalkeeper
*Zoran T. Popovski, scientist and professor
*Yahya Kemal, poet and author

Some notable people born in or its surroundings also are:

File:Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna 004.jpg|Justinian I, Byzantine Emperor
File:MotherTeresa 090.jpg|Mother Teresa, Roman Catholic and humanitarian
File:Milco Mancevski at the University of Chicago.jpg|Milčo Mančevski, film director
File:Pancevgoldenkopacka retouched.jpg|Darko Pančev, football legend and Europe"s top Goalscorer in 1991
File:Katarina Ivanovska crop.jpg|Katarina Ivanovska, internationally famous model

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
is twinned with:



File:Partofskopjescentralsquare.JPG|Soravia, City Gallery and EVN buildings
File: river bank.JPG|The bank of the river Vardar near the national stadium.
File:Buildings in .jpg|Buildings in the center of .
File:Saraj swimming pool.jpg|Lake Treska in the municipality of Saraj, .
File:MRTCenter.JPG|The Macedonian Radio Television building
File:Sedishte na EU vo .JPG|Seat of the European Union in Macedonia.
File:National Museum of History of Republic of Macedonia ().JPG|The National Museum of history of Macedonia.
File:Modern Building in 2.jpg|Modern building in .
File: view from Vodno Mountain.jpg|View of from Vodno mountain.
File: sunset.jpg|Sunset in .


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"Berovo" (, ) is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains, from Skopje, from Strumica and from Kočani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality.emographicThere are 7,002 residents in the town of Berovo.eatureBerovo
"Berovo" (, ) is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains, from Skopje, from Strumica and from Kočani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality.emographicThere are 7,002 residents in the town of Berovo.eatureBerovo
"Berovo" (, ) is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains, from Skopje, from Strumica and from Kočani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality.emographicThere are 7,002 residents in the town of Berovo.eatureBerovo
"Berovo" (, ) is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains, from Skopje, from Strumica and from Kočani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality.emographicThere are 7,002 residents in the town of Berovo.eatureBerovo
"Berovo" (, ) is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains, from Skopje, from Strumica and from Kočani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality.emographicThere are 7,002 residents in the town of Berovo.eatureBerovo
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