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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Costume Miss Peggy and la rana Gustavo, in the Carnival of Santa Cruz de
Carnival of Santa Cruz de , along with the carnival in Cadiz, the maximum consideration for parties which gives the ministry with competence for tourism in Spain. Thousands of people take to the streets each year for over a week. On January 18, 1980 was declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary of State for Tourism, and is one of the world"s largest carnivals. It is the only party that holds that distinction canaria. In 2000, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de , dedicated this year to pirates in the city became "Capital of the World Carnival". And it is the most important country and one of the largest in the world., publicada por el diario Canarias7, 07-02-2007 Guía de ayuda documentada,, 22-2-2008 At present, the Carnival of Santa Cruz hopes to become a "World Heritage Site". This statement from UNESCO will, occur, further promoting international had Santa Cruz de , being the first Carnival of Spain to obtain this recognition, for its permanent in time and it would reach the five continents through UNESCO.

ites of interes
Per Adriane, (1993), esculpture by Igor Mitoraj situated in front at Guimerá Theatre.
The parliament of the Canary Islands
Fountain at the Plaza Weyler
Aerial view

* "Calle de la Noria"
* "Macizo de Anaga"
** "Igueste de San Andrés"
** "Taganana"
** "San Andrés"
* "Palmetum of Santa Cruz de "
* "Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre"
* "Parque Marítimo César Manrique"
* "Playa de Las Teresitas"
* "Auditorio de "
* "Teatro Guimerá"

arks and Square

* "Parque García Sanabria"
* "Plaza de 25 de julio (de los Patos)"
* "Plaza de España"
* "Plaza de la Candelaria"
* "Plaza del Príncipe"
* "Plaza de Weyler"

hurches and historical monument

* "Iglesia de La Concepción" (church)
* "Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís" (church)
* "Cabildo Insular de " (governing body of the island)
* "Castillo de San Juan" (castle)
* "Castillo Negro" (castle)
* "Parlamento de Canarias" (Parliament of the Canary Islands)

ommercial area

Santa Cruz is popular for its wide commercial offerings, including "zona Centro" (Central part) - Pedestrian "calle Castillo, San José, del Pilar, Viera y Clavijo" Zona Rambla (Rambla area) or Rambla de Pulido", "calle Ramón y Cajal", and the big shopping centres and department stores in "Avenida de 3 Mayo", plus the big malls in "Añaza " on the southern suburbs. The most upmarket and high street shopping is located along
"Calle del Pilar" and nearby "Parque Bulevar" Shopping Centre, where many designer shops can be found. International and local brands of shops and restaurants, such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Ordning&Reda, El Corte Inglés, Ikea, C&A, McDonalds and Burger King are much present on the island. Not only the wide range of shops makes the city attractive but the lower prices found in many items, such as tobacco, alcohol, electronic devices, beauty products, sunglasses or even food or coffee. They are indeed much lower than in most cities of Western Europe including Spain, due to the very special and much lighter taxation on goods enjoyed on the Canary Islands.


Santa Cruz is characterized for its nightlife consisting of discothèques and pubs in the Marina park named after César Manrique, Avenida 3 de mayo and "Residencial Anaga", as well as pubs in La Noria street and surroundings, as well a nearby La Laguna. The city is also renowned for its massive, popular and at the same time sophisticated carnival, one of the biggest in the World, declared of International Tourist Interest after general Franco"s death. It takes the city by storm in February or March every year.

Maritime Park "César Manrique"

* Sheraton Mencey *****
* Silken Atlántida ****
* Hotel NH ****
* Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz ****
* Hotel Apto. Colón Rambla ***
* El Contemporáneo ***
* Hotel Plaza ***
* Hotel Príncipe Paz ***
* Hotel Taburiente ***
* Hotel Anaga **
* Hotel Atlántico **

Celebrations of the city
Palmetum of Santa Cruz
Roques de Anaga
Playa de Las Teresitas

*January 27 anniversary of the appointment of Santa Cruz de of the Canary Islands as the capital.

*February, Carnival (of "International Tourist Interest").

*May 3, May festivities. Día de la Cruz (Day of the City of Santa Cruz de ).

*July 25, the day of Saint James the Great (patron saint of Santa Cruz de ) and defeat of Admiral Nelson.


The consulates with sedate in Santa Cruz de they are:
*Costa Rica
*United Kingdom
*Sri Lanka

ister citie
*  Aranda de Duero, Spain
*20px San Antonio, USA
*20px Santa Cruz, California, USA
*20px Atlanta, USA
*20px Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
*20px Caracas, Venezuela
*20px Cádiz, Spain
*20px Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
*20px Nice, France
*20px Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba
*20px Guatemala City, Guatemala
*20px Miami Dade, USA
*20px St. Petersburg, Russia
*20px Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santacruceros illustrious
*Juan de Abreu, painter and sculptor.
*Víctor Añino Bermúdez, footballer.
*Carlos Armas, singer.
*Rafael Arozarena, writer.
*Antonio Betancor, film director.
*Zuleidy, porn actress.
*Caco Senante, singer.

ee als

*List of municipalities in Santa Cruz de (province)
*San Andrés


*"La derrota de Nelson, el manco de " by Julio Albert Ferrero, Naval History review, 1998, Juan Arencibia, Vicente Mira Gutiérrez, Editorial Leoncio Rodríguez, Julio N. Rancel, Regional Military Museum of Canarias at Sta. Cruz de .

xternal link

Corporation (Multilingual)
*"Map and aerial photos"
**Street map: , or
**Satellite images:

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Category:Municipalities in Santa Cruz de
Category:Santa Cruz de province
Category:Port cities and towns in Spain
Category:Settlements established in the 1490s
Category:1492 establishments
Category:Santa Cruz de
Category:Tourism in Spain

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