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Spain, Pontevedra
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ealth, education and cultur

Pontevedra is well provided with quality private and public clinics and health centres, where the Montecelo HospitalHospital Montecelo de Pontevedra, Mourente s/n, 36071 Pontevedra, Galicia. Ph (+34)986 800000 stands out as the largest health centre in the "comarca" and one of the largest in the province. This hospital is renowned by its oncology department. Public health is regulated by the Galician Health Service ("Servizo Galego de Saúde").

"Ponte dos Tirantes", modern bridge over Lérez River
The city houses a number of university departments, acting as a branch of the University of Vigo., of the University of Vigo, listing of campuses and departments Namely these are: Nursing, Forestry Technical Engineering , Physiotherapy , , . Yet, many come to Pontevedra to complete their studies in Fine Arts , as this is the only location in Galicia where this discipline can be studied at university level.

Pontevedra also hosts a branch of the Spanish national distance university, the UNED. The city has its own Official School of Languages (), regulated by the Galician Department of Education.

Cultural infrastructure in Pontevedra is mainly represented by two venues: The "Teatro Principal", in the old town, with a capacity of 434 seated spectators; and the Auditorium-Congress Hall, a modern complex composed by an auditorium with capacity for 772 seated people, a large congress hall, and a number of meeting rooms and smaller halls. In addition, every year the City Council organises a series of free, open and public activities, such as a Jazz festival, open air cinema sessions, a medieval fair reenactment, (medieval fair recreation in Pontevedra). Access date 20 Sept. 2008. Approx. running time 22 minutes and other festivities that normally take place in the streets and public squares of the old town.

An ancient town and medieval port, Pontevedra has been described as a "definitive old Galician town". Sights include the pilgrim chapel in the "Praza da Peregrina", the historic "Zona Monumental" (old city), the "Praza de Leña", the market, and the "Alameda", a promenade along the ria. Pontevedra has a large pedestrian centre (the old town and surroundings) which, together with a number of parks and public squares, makes the city quite pleasant for strolling. In recent years most historical buildings and streets have been either re-built or revamped, providing for a well preserved urban landscape.

Image:Pontevedra_07.jpg|Praza de Curros Enríquez
Image:Pontevedra 06.jpg|Praza da Ferrería
Image:Pontevedra_03.jpg|Rua de Cobián Roffignac
Image:Convento de San Francisco Pontevedra.jpg|Convento de San Francisco
Image:Pontevedra 13 Praza da leña.jpg|Praza da Leña
File:Pdpontevedra.jpg|Marina of Pontevedra
File:Pontevedra 01.jpg|Rio Lérez

Despite its relative small size, Pontevedra has a long sporting tradition, with a number of teams competing professionally in different categories. For example:
* Football: "Pontevedra CF", playing in the Spanish "Second B" division.
* Handball: "SD Teucro", playing in the Spanish Liga ASOBAL (first division). There is also a minor handball team called "BM Cisne".
* Indoor football: "Leis 26 Pontevedra", playing in the Spanish second division of the Spanish indoor football professional league (LNFS).
* Rugby: "Mareantes Rugby Clube Pontevedra", playing in group A of the Spanish first division.
* Volleyball: "C. Durán" (amateur).
* Waterpolo: "CN Pontevedra", playing in the Galician Waterpolo League: .
* Fencing: "Club Escola Hungaresa de Esgrima de Pontevedra", founded in 2007, this is the only fencing club in Galicia specialised in sabre. Members of this club compete regularly in the Galician leagues and in the Spanish Sabre Championship.

Pontevedra is the seat of the "Centro Galego de Tecnificación Deportiva" (High Performance Sporting Centre of Galicia), and it also hosts a number of rowing and canoeing clubs. In fact, world and Olympic canoeing champion David Cal used to train in the ria of Pontevedra.

Pontevedra is twinned with
* Merlo, Argentina
* Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
* San José, Costa Rica
* Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* Nafpaktos, Greece
* Barcelos, Portugal
* Gondomar, Portugal
* Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

ocal celebritie
* Paio Gomes Charinho (1225-1295), poet and troubadour.
* Pedro Mariño de Lobeira (1528-1594), "conquistador" and chronicler of the Arauco War in the Kingdom of Chile.
* Xoán Manuel Pintos Villar (1811-1876), writer, author and editor of the first publication in modern Galician.
* Perfecto Feijoo (1858-1935), medical doctor and musician.
* Manuel Portela Valladares (1867-1952), politician.
* A.D.R. Castelao (1886-1950), writer, artist and politician, often considered as the most influential figure in Galician contemporary history. Although he was not born in Pontevedra, Castelao expressed a clear wish to be considered an "adoptive son of the city" and to be buried there.
* Manuel Varela Radío (1873-1962), medical doctor and academic.
* Valentín Paz Andrade (1898-1987), magistrate, politician and writer.
* Xosé Filgueira Valverde (1906-1996), historian and writer.
* Alejandro de la Sota (1913-1996), architect.
* Pío Cabanillas Gallas (1923-1991), politician.
* Fina Casalderrey (1951- ), writer.
* Víctor Fernández Freixanes (1957- ), journalist, writer and publisher.
* (1960- ), actor.
* (1937-), architect.

One of Christopher Columbus" ships, the nao "Santa Maria", originally named "La Gallega" ("The Galician"), was built in Pontevedra.

Pontevedra is on the route of the Way of Saint James, namely its southern or "Portuguese" branch. The Church of Peregrina, with a most peculiar scallop-shaped plant, was and still is an unavoidable stop for all pilgrims and visitors.

Pontevedra has the second largest "old town" in Galicia, only after Santiago de Compostela.

ee als

* Asociación pola defensa da ría
* List of municipalities in Pontevedra
* Pontevedra apparitions
* Rias Baixas
* Pontevedra (comarca)
* Pontevedra (province)
* Galicia

xternal link
* - Official site of the local government (in Galician and Spanish, with summarised versions in English and French)
* - Official site of the Pontevedra tourist board, maintained by the local government (in Galician, English, Spanish and French)
* - Official site of the Rias Baixas tourist board (in Galician, English and Spanish)
* - Official site of the provincial government of Pontevedra (in Galician)
* - local newspaper of Pontevedra (mostly in Spanish, with some articles in Galician)
* - Official site of the Auditorium-Congress Hall complex and "Teatro Principal", maintained by the local government (in Galician and Spanish)
* - What"s on in cultural events in Pontevedra

* Calo Lourido, F. et al. (2003): "Pontevedra e o mar. Simposio de historia marítima do século XII ao XVI". Concello de Pontevedra, Pontevedra
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* López y López Rios, B. (1990): "Pontevedra, de la leyenda a la historia". Deputación Provincial de Pontevedra, Servizo de Publicacións, Pontevedra



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