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Poland marks Independence Day with right-wing marches and wreaths

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Berlin/Prague (dpa) - Thousands of radical right-wingers and nationalists, chanting slogans such as "God, Glory, Homeland," paraded through the streets of the Polish capital to mark Independence Day on Saturday, as politicians laid wreaths and remembered the country‘s soldiers.

Some 6,000 police officers were deployed to keep the march under control, including, among other tactics, through the use of crowd barriers, the Polish news agency PAP reported on Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, Polish President Andrzej Duda, along with several other top politicians, commemorated the national holiday at Warsaw‘s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by laying wreaths.

European Council President Donald Tusk, the one-time president of Poland, also attended. "No politician in Poland has or will ever have a monopoly on patriotism," Tusk said during the ceremony.

Poland‘s National Independence Day commemorates the 99th anniversary of Poland regaining national sovereignty in 1918 after being split among Prussia, Austria-Hungary and Russia for more than 100 years.


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