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Russia, Miass
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"Miass" () is a city in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, situated from Chelyabinsk, on the eastern slope of the southern Urals, on the bank of the Miass River. Population:


Miass was founded in 1773 as a copper mining factory, and was granted town status in 1926. During the 19th century, the development was driven by the discovery of the richest gold deposits in the Urals. Average annual extraction of gold from the Miass region was about 640 kg. In the mid-19th century, the volume of gold mining went down, and the development of Miass also slowed.

In 1941, an automobile factory (which still operates as UralAZ) was built in Miass.

conomy and educatio

Currently Miass is a major machinery center. The truck manufacturer UralAZ is one of its most important factories.

There are 39 schools, 5 vocational training schools, 2 technical secondary schools, 5 colleges(including branch of Cheliabinsk College of Law), 4 branches of universitis, the Institute of Mineralogy of Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, an art school, and 13 sports schools in Miass. A total of 260 businesses operate in Miass.


The enterprise produces three-axes, full-drive trucks of high cross-country passability and exports 8% of the trucks. "UralAZ" was included in the rating of 200 biggest Russian companies in 2000 in terms to the volume of sales. UralAZ employs 105,000 people. It was established at 1942, when the ZiS factory was evacuated from Moscow during the World War II

he State Rocket Center "Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau
The enterprise works out ballistic missiles for nuclear submarines. At 1955 it was moved from Zlatoust, where it was established at 1947.


The old part of the city comprises 19th-century wooden houses with original balconies, jambs, and lintels. A house of the gold mines administrator Simonov has also been preserved.

Lake Turgoyak is located near Miass and is a popular tourist location, with crystal clear water.

Miass has rich mineralogical museum, as it is close to Ilmensky Mineral conservation area.

ime Zon

Miass is in the Yekaterinburg Time time zone, UTC+5 in winter, UTC+6 in summer.

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be:Горад Міас
cv:Миасс (хула)
hr:Miass (Čeljabinska oblast, Rusija)
os:Миасс (сахар)
it:Miass (città)
lt:Miasas (miestas)
nl:Miass (stad)
ru:Миасс (город)
uk:Міас (місто)
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