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Ukraine, Melitopol
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"Melitopol" (, translit. "Melitopol’", ) is a city in the "Oblast" means "province" of the southeastern Ukraine. It is situated on the Molochna"Milky" River that flows through the eastern edge of the city and into the Molochnyi Liman, which eventually joins the Sea of Azov. The city was formerly named "Kyzyl-Yar" until 1816, and "Novoalexandrovka" until 1842. Serving as the administrative center of the Melitopolskyi Raion,"Raion" means "district" the city itself is directly subordinate to the oblast center. The estimated population is around 158,700.The data from Melitopol"s official site - Generally, the Russian language is spoken in the city.

Melitopol is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Comnission "Intercultural cities" programme.

In ancient times, there was a small Noghai aul of Kyzyl-Yar where the modern Melitopol is settled. In July 1769, Russian military commanders built a redoubt there, and Zaporizhia Cossacks carried out their duty service there. On February 2, 1784, Ekaterina II issued the decree to create the Taurian Province on the lands that had been won back. The deputy of Novorossiya His Highness Prince Potemkin signed the relation to establish a town that very year - and Cossacks" families and those of retired soldiers of Suvorov settled on the right bank of the Molochna River. In 1816, the settlement got the name "sloboda" "of Novoalexandrovka". Its population was increasing due to the importation of peasants from the northern provinces of the Ukraine and Russia. On January 7, 1842, the sloboda was recognized as a town and received the new name of Melitopol after a port city of Melita (from Greek "Μέλι" (meli) - "honey") which had been situated on the mouth of the Molochna River. At the end of the XIX century, the "Honey-city"i.e. "Meli"to"pol", this is how Melitopol sometimes is referred in the local mass-media had been developed as a trade center - there were some banks, credit organizations and wholesale stores. The largest enterprises in the city at the time were the iron foundry and the Brothers Klassen"s machinery construction factory (1886), the railroad depot and the workshops.

elitopol in World War I
In 1941, the Soviet Union was attacked by Nazi Germany. The city became strategically important due to its location. The Red Army was not ready for the war and had to retreat. The Nazis occupied Melitopol on October 6, 1941.

ccupation and nutrition issue

This newspaper article is used as the only source for this subsection. It cites the public archive information.

The Germans kept centralized supplement. The Soviet "Mezhraybaza sel"khozsnaba i himsnaba" () of Melitopol still ran. In fact, a variety of agriculture items were stored at the base, including fertilizers, pesticides, tools, spare parts for reaping machines and binders, etc. It supported the running enterprises of Melitopol and surrounding settlements with goods. Since the Soviet monetary system remained, the enterprises paid the Soviet rubles and kopecks, not the German marks. Also, no one of the enterprises was renamed, including the "Kaganovich" artel, the collective farm of "the Red Cossacks", the artel of "Lenin"s Way". However, the Germans were not tolerant to the Soviet order. The amount of German language documents began to increase and interpreters became strongly required. Most of the people who were ready to collaborate with the Germans were not competent enough in their language. Taking account of this fact, the German commanders submitted bilingualism:

Selling, buying and killing the cattle and the poultry were strictly forbidden; they were severely controlled to be sent to Germany. The meat, milk and eggs were used to feed the soldiers. Notwithstanding the general prohibition, the population might kill animals by special permission.

Another way was to introduce a new holiday, to make people celebrate and eat together.

Celebrations, which were not introduced by the Nazi, were not welcome. Feasts, plays and especially dances were prohibited until the war would be over. The punishment for infringement of the prohibition was a fine and an arrest.

he Wotan Line Battl
attles for the cit
] The accident later occurred several more times because the arms had been already damaged by the very first fire and become untransportable. After the accidents officials stated that it was necessary to disarm the depots and that the only measure available to do so was to carry out controlled explosions on a regular basis.citation needed
However, the controlled explosions took several lives too. , the depots have been almost completely disarmed, - ("The Mynestry of emergencies" pyrotechnicians have almost completed the work on destroying the missiles and shells in the 275th munition base in Novobogdanovka. Now, it has some kind of lunar landscape. From 2004 to 2006, the deadly rests were removed from all the territories estimated at 145 hectare, the newspaper of "Segodnya" reports.")

A symbol of Melitopol is "Chereshnya Melitopolskaya",translated "Melitopol Cherry" a type of Wild Cherry for which the city is known.

own twinnin
Melitopol is currently twinned with:
* "Brive-la-Gaillarde", France

In 1874, a technical school was founded in the city, which, after a series of reforms and transformations, became Taurian State Agrotechnological Academy.
The city now has two universities − the Taurian State Agrotechnological Academy official site and the Melitopol State Pedagogical University. official site

*Melitopol has a railroad station that serves as the transit point for passengers going from Moscow to the Crimea and back. The city is also called the "gateway to the Crimea".

*The city"s cantonment has an aerodrome, which is not used for passenger service. There is present a park of "Il-76" (, ) transport planes.

*The city has two bus stations: the more new intercity station and the old station of local buses. Two highways lead through Melitopol: The M14 Odesa-Novoazovsk Highway and the M26 Kharkiv-Simferopol National Highway.

*The marshrutkas are the sole kind of the city"s public transport. They run 34 routes. They work from 5:00 a.m. till 12:30 a.m. (from 05:30 till 00:30). Formerly, in the days of existing the USSR, there were buses of Ikarus, LiAZ, LAZ, PAZ running around 15 routes.

*The common length of the roads of Melitopol is 333 km, 70% of them do not meet the basic requirements.

There is a well-developed, internationally important engine-constructing industry. There are also food, light, and construction materials industries.

ative bor
* Dmytro Dontsov - influenced the establishement of OUN
* Pavlo Sudoplatov - lieutenant-general of KGB, killed Yevhen Konovalets

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* from Encyclopedia Britannica.


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