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Manchester witnesses

Great Britain
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Building shook as shrapnel went flying
Witnesses who attended Monday night's Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena described scenes of panic and confusion after they heard a loud bang and saw people injured by shrapnel, many of them seriously.
London (dpa) - Gary Walker, from the nearby city of Leeds, told the BBC he was injured by shrapnel as the explosion went off a few metres away while he and his wife were waiting for their daughters to come out from the concert. "We heard the last song go and then suddenly there was a massive flash and then a bang and smoke. I felt a pain in my foot and my leg," Walker told the broadcaster. "I turned around to my wife, who was standing at the side of me, and she said, ‘I need to lay down.‘ She‘s got a stomach wound and possible a broken leg," he said. "I‘ve got a bit of a hole in my foot where I‘ve got a bit of shrapnel. I was surprised I got away so lightly." Walker said he saw metal nuts that he believed could have come from an explosive device. People at the venue were using tables as makeshift stretchers for the injured, he said.
22 people including children are killed in an explosion after a concert in Manchester, Britain.

Emma Johnson, a caller to BBC Radio Manchester, said she and her husband were also at the arena to pick up their daughter and son from the concert. "It was definitely a bomb," Johnson said. "It was definitely in the foyer - about 15 feet (5 metres) away." "We were stood at the top of the stairs and the glass exploded - it was near to where they were selling the merchandise. "The whole building shook," she said. "There was a blast and then a flash of fire afterwards. "Fortunately for us, we were all safe to tell the story," Johnson said. "We‘re just so grateful to be home and safe. I‘m just praying for everybody else with loved ones there."

Another witness, identified only by the first name Andy, said he had been waiting in the foyer for his wife and daughter when he was knocked to the ground by the force of the explosion. As he got up, he saw a scene "like something out of a war film," he told BBC Radio 5.  "When I get up and look round, there‘s just bodies everywhere. I reckon 20 to 30 bodies. I can‘t say if some of them were dead but they looked dead. "They were covered in blood and were really seriously hurt," he said, adding that he saw "kids and teenagers just lying there screaming."

Calvin Welsford, 18, from the south-western city of Bristol said he was in the front row as he heard a loud bang that "almost sounded like a gunshot." "I looked around and people were just spilling down, heading out of the building," he told the broadcaster. "I was actually having an asthma attack. It was sheer panic. Security told us we needed to leave but they were very caring. People were crying."


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