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France, Lyon
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|metr area pp date = 2007
|intercm details = Urban Cmmunity f Lyn
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| Type = Cultural
| Criteria = ii, iv
| ID = 872
|Regin = Eurpe and Nrth America
| Year = 1998
| Sessin = 22nd
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"Lyn" (Arpitan: "Liyn"), ften Anglicized as ""Lyns"", is a city in eastcentral France in the regin RhôneAlpes, situated between Paris and Marseille. Its name is prnunced in French and Arpitan, and r in English. Lyn is lcated at 470 km frm Paris, 320 km frm Marseille, 160 km frm Geneva, 280 km frm Turin, 450 km frm Milan and 600 km frm Barcelna. The residents f the city are called "Lynnais" (singular and plural).

Lyn is a majr centre f business with a reputatin as the French capital f gastrnmy and having a significant rle in the histry f cinema due t Auguste and Luis Lumière. The lcal prfessinal ftball team, Olympique Lynnais, has increased the prfile f Lyn internatinally thrugh participatin in Eurpean ftball champinships.

Tgether with its suburbs and satellite twns, Lyn frms the secndlargest metrplitan area in France after that f Paris, with the ppulatin f its urban area estimated t be 1,783,400 and that f its metrplitan area 4,415,000 (2007). Its urban regin ("Urban Cmmunity f Lyn"), represents half f the RhôneAlpes "régin" ppulatin with three millin inhabitants. Lyn is als a majr industrial centre specializing in chemical, pharmaceutical, and bitech industries. The city als cntains a significant sftware industry with a particular fcus n vide games.

Lyn is the "préfecture" (capital) f the Rhône "département", and als the capital f the RhôneAlpes "régin". The city is knwn fr its histrical and architectural landmarks and is a UNESCO Wrld Heritage Site. Lyn was histrically knwn as the "silk capital f the wrld". The city is knwn as the culinary capital f France. It als hsts the internatinal headquarters f Interpl, Eurnews, Internatinal Agency fr Research n Cancer. Lyn is a pilt city f the Cuncil f Eurpe and the Eurpean Cmmissin Intercultural cities prgramme.

:"Main article fr early histry: Lugdunum".
:"Main article fr the middle ages: Histry f Lyn"

Lucius Munatius Plancus, funder f Lyn
Lyn was funded n the Furvière hill as a Rman clny in 43 BCE by Munatius Plancus, a lieutenant f Caesar, n the site f a Gaulish hillfrt settlement called Lugdunn, frm the Celtic gd Lugus ("Light", cgnate with Old Irish "Lugh", Mdern Irish "Lú") and "dúnn" (hillfrt). Lyn was first named Lugdunum meaning the "hill f lights" r "the hill f crws". Lug was equated by the Rmans t Mercury.

Agrippa recgnized that Lugdunum"s psitin n the natural highway frm nrthern t sutheastern France made it a natural cmmunicatins hub, and he made Lyn the starting pint f the principal Rman rads thrughut Gaul. It then became the capital f Gaul, partly thanks t its cnvenient lcatin at the cnvergence f tw navigable rivers, and quickly became the main city f Gaul. Tw emperrs were brn in this city: Claudius and Caracalla. Tday, the archbishp f Lyn is still referred t as "le primat des Gaules" and the city ften referred t as the "capitale des Gaules".

The Christians in Lyn were persecuted fr their religin under the reigns f the varius Rman emperrs, mst ntably Marcus Aurelius and Septimus Severus. Lcal saints frm this perid include saints such as Blandina (Blandine), Pthinus (Pthin) , and Epipdius (Épipde), amng thers.

The great Christian bishp f Lyn in the 2nd century was the Easterner Irenaeus.
Lyn under siege (1793)

Burgundian refugees frm the destructin f Wrms by Huns in 437 were resettled by the military cmmander f the west, Aëtius, at Lugdunum, which was frmally the capital f the new Burgundian kingdm by 461.

In 843, by the Treaty f Verdun, Lyn, with the cuntry beynd the Saône, went t Lthair I, and later became a part f the Kingdm f Arles. Lyn nly came under French cntrl in the furteenth century.

Fernand Braudel remarked, "Histrians f Lyn are nt sufficiently aware f the biplarity between Paris and Lyn, which is a cnstant structure in French develpment" "frm the late Middle Ages t the Industrial Revlutin" (Braudel 1984 p. 327). The fairs in Lyn, the inventin f Italian merchants, made it the ecnmic cuntinghuse f France in the late 15th century. When internatinal banking mved t Gena, then Amsterdam, Lyn simply became the banking centre f France; its new Burse (treasury), built in 1749, still resembled a public bazaar where accunts were settled in the pen air. During the Renaissance, the city develped with the silk trade, especially with Italy; the Italian influence n Lyn"s architecture can still be seen. Thanks t the silk trade, Lyn became an imprtant industrial twn during the 19th century.
Lyn in the 18th century

Lyn was a scene f mass vilence against Huguents in the St. Barthlmew"s Day Massacres in 1572.

During the French Revlutin, Lyn rse up against the Natinal Cnventin and supprted the Girndins. In 1793, the city was under siege fr ver tw mnths, assaulted by the Revlutinary armies, befre eventually surrendering. Several buildings were destryed, especially arund the "Place Bellecur", and JeanMarie Cllt d"Herbis with Jseph Fuché administered the executin f mre than 2,000 peple. A decade later, Naplen himself rdered the recnstructin f all the buildings demlished during this perid.

The silk wrkers f Lyn, knwn as "canuts", staged tw majr uprisings: in 1831 and 1834. The 1831 uprising saw ne f the first recrded uses f the black flag as an emblem f prtest. The wrld"s first funicular railway was built between Lyn and La CrixRusse in 1862.
Lyn in 1860
Saône River in Lyn as seen frm "Pnt La Feuillée"
PartDieu" district

Lyn was a centre fr the ccupying German frces and als a strnghld f resistance during Wrld War II, and the city is nw hme t a resistance museum. "(See als Klaus Barbie.)" The "trabules", r secret passages, thrugh the huses enabled the lcal peple t escape Gestap raids.

Lyn"s gegraphy is dminated by the Rhône and Saône rivers that cnverge t the suth f the histric city centre frming a peninsula r "Presqu"île"; tw large hills, ne t the west and ne t the nrth f the histric city centre; and a large plain which sprawls eastward frm the histric city centre.

T the west is Furvière, knwn as "the hill that prays", the lcatin fr the highly decrated NtreDame de Furvière basilica, several cnvents, the palace f the Archbishp, the Tur métallique (a highly visible TV twer, replicating the last stage f the Eiffel Twer) and a funicular (a railway n a steep hill).

T the nrth is the CrixRusse, "the hill that wrks", traditinally hme t many small silk wrkshps, an industry fr which the city was nce renwned.

The riginal medieval city (Vieux Lyn) was built n the west bank f the Saône river at the ft f the Furvière hill, west f the "Presqu"île". This area, alng with prtins f the "Presqu"île" and much f the "CrixRusse" is recgnized as a Lyn#UNESCO UNESCO Wrld Heritage Site.

Place Bellecur is lcated n the peninsula ("Presqu"île") between the rivers Rhône and Saône and is the third largest public square in France and ne f the largest in Eurpe. Specifically, it is the largest clear square (i.e., withut any patches f greenery, trees r any ther kind f bstacles) in Eurpe. The brad, pedestriannly Rue de la République leads nrth frm Place Bellecur. The 2nd arrndissement has many f the finest ld residential buildings in Lyn and the area is knwn fr its cncentratin f ld Lynnaise Cathlic families, particularly in the Ainay part f the arrndissement.

East f the Rhône frm the "Presqu"île" is a large area f flat grund upn which sits much f mdern Lyn and mst f the city"s ppulatin.
Situated in this area is the urban centre f PartDieu which clusters the frmer Tur du Crédit Lynnais, "PartDieu Twer" tday, the Tur Oxygène, the Tur Swiss Life , the PartDieu shpping centre, and ne f Lyn"s tw majr rail terminals, Lyn PartDieu.

Nrth f this district is the relatively wealthy 6th arrndissement, which is hme t the Parc de la Tête d"Or, ne f Eurpe"s largest urban parks, the prestigius Lycée du Parc t the suth f the park, and Interpl"s wrld headquarters n the park"s western edge. The park cntains a free z that has recently been upgraded.

Several buildings are being cnstructed in PartDieu such as the Tur Oxygène and ther prjects such as the Tur Incity


Lyn is the capital f the RhôneAlpes "régin", the "préfecture" f the Rhône "département", and the capital f 14 cantns, cvering 1 cmmune, and with a ttal ppulatin f 488,300 (2007).


Lyn"s early 17thcentury twn hall.
"Place Bellecur", the "fficial" center f Lyn

Like Paris and Marseille, Lyn is divided int a number f municipal arrndissements (smetimes translated int English as brughs), each f which is identified by a number and has its wn cuncil and twn hall.

Five arrndissements were riginally created in 1852, when three neighburing cmmunes (La CrixRusse, La Guilltière, and Vaise) were annexed by Lyn.

Between 1867 and 1959, the 3rd arrndissement (which riginally cvered the whle f the Left Bank f the Rhône) was split three times, creating a new arrndissement in each case.

Then, in 1963, the cmmune f SaintRambertl"ÎleBarbe was annexed t Lyn"s 5th arrndissement. A year later, in 1964, the 5th was split t create Lyn"s 9th – and, t date, final – arrndissement.

Within each arrndissement, there are a number f recgnisable "quartiers" r neighburhds:
*1starrdt : Pentes de La CrixRusse, Terreaux, Martinière/StVincent
*2nd arrdt : Crdeliers, Bellecur, Ainay, Perrache, Cnfluent
*3rd arrdt : Guilltière (nrth), Préfecture, PartDieu, Villette, Dauphiné/Sans Suci, Mntchat, Grange Blanche (nrth), Mnplaisir (nrth)
*4th arrdt : Plateau de la CrixRusse, Serin
*5th arrdt: Vieux Lyn (SaintPaul, SaintJean, SaintGerges), SaintJust, SaintIrénée, Furvière, Pint du Jur, Ménival, Battières, Champvert (suth)
*6th arrdt : Brtteaux, Bellecmbe, Parc de la Tête d"Or, Cité Internatinale
*7th arrdt : Guilltière (suth), Jean Macé, Gerland
*8th arrdt : Mnplaisir (suth), Bachut, ÉtatsUnis, Grand Tru/Mulin à Vent, Grange Blanche (suth), Laënnec, Mermz, MnplaisirlaPlaine
*9th arrdt : Vaise, Duchère, Rchecardn, StRambertl"ÎleBarbe, Grge de Lup, Observance, Champvert (nrth)


|The "NtreDame de Furvière" Basilica, which verlks the city
|SaintJean Cathedral, seat f the Archbishp f Lyn
|Barthldi Funtain at the Place des Terreaux
|A view f ne f the many gardens in the "Parc de la Tête d"Or"
|Luis XIV, with Ferris wheel in backgrund, at "Bellecur"
|Fête des Lumières" expresses gratitude t Mary
|The Rmanera Theatre n the "Furvière" hill
The "Ile Barbe" island alng the Saône in Lyn"s 9th "arrndissement"

* Since the Middle Ages, the residents f the regin, speak several dialects f FrancPrvençal language. The Lynnais dialect was partly replaced by the French language as the imprtance f the city grew. Hwever, it is still alive and, in additin, sme "frenchified" FrancPrvençal wrds can als be heard in the French f the Lynnais, wh call their little bys and girls "gnes" and "fenttes" fr example.
* Lyn was an early centre fr printing bks, and nurtured a circle f 16th century pets.
* The Lumière brthers invented cinema in the twn in 1895. The Musée Lumière is there as a testimny, hsting many f their first inventins.
* December 8 each year is marked by the Festival f Lights (la Fête des lumières), a celebratin f thanks t the Virgin Mary, wh purprtedly saved the city frm a deadly plague in the Middle Ages. During the event, the lcal ppulatin places candles ("lumignns") at their windws and the city f Lyn rganizes impressive largescale light shws nt the sides f imprtant Lynnais mnuments, such as the medieval Cathédrale StJean.
* The church f Saint Francis f Sales is famus fr its large and unaltered CavailléCll pipe rgan, attracting audiences frm arund the wrld. Lyn als features a renwned pera huse.
* Lyn is als the French capital f "trmpe l"œil"walls, a very ancient traditin. Many are t be seen everywhere arund the city. This ld traditin is nw expending in a cntemprary expressin. See fr example Guillaume Bttazzi art wrk .
* The Brthers f the Sacred Heart, a Rman Cathlic cngregatin that perates schls in Eurpe and Nrth America, was funded in Lyn in 1821.
* The African Museum f Lyn is ne f the ldest museums situated in Lyn.

NESCO Wrld Heritage Sit
The Histric Site f Lyn was designated a UNESCO Wrld Heritage Site in 1998. In their designatin, UNESCO cited the "exceptinal testimny t the cntinuity f urban settlement ver mre than tw millennia n a site f great cmmercial and strategic significance." UNESCO list f Wrld Heritage Sites. Retrieved Nvember 26, 2009. The specific regins cmpsing the Histric Site include:
*the Rman district and Furvière;
*the Renaissance district, VieuxLyn
*the silk district (slpes f CrixRusse), and
*the Presqu"île, which features architecture frm the 12th century t mdern times.. City f Lyn fficial website. Retrieved Nvember 26, 2009.
Bth VieuxLyn and the slpes f CrixRusse are knwn fr their narrw passageways ("trabules") that pass thrugh buildings and link streets n either side.

Fr several centuries Lyn has been knwn as the French capital f gastrnmy, due, in part, t the presence f many f France"s finest chefs in the city and its surrundings (e.g. Paul Bcuse). This reputatin als cmes frm the fact that tw f France"s best knwn winegrwing regins are lcated near Lyn: the Beaujlais t the Nrth, and the Côtes du Rhône t the Suth. Beaujlais wine is very ppular in Lyn and remains the mst cmmn table wine served with lcal dishes.

Lyn is the hme f very typical and traditinal restaurants: the "buchns". "Buchns" are usually cnvivial restaurants serving lcal dishes, and lcal wines.

Lyn is famus fr its mrning snacks, the "mâchns", made up f lcal charcuterie and usually accmpanied by Beaujlais red wine. Traditinal lcal dishes include "saucissn de Lyn" (sausage), anduillette, cq au vin, esx (pike) quenelle, "gras duble" (tripe cked with nins), "salade lynnaise" (lettuce with bacn, crutns and a pached egg), marrns glacés and cardn "au gratin".


The GDP f Lyn is 52 billin eurs, and the city is the secnd richest city after Paris. Lyn and its regin RhôneAlpes represent ne f the mst imprtant ecnmies in Eurpe and, accrding t the Lughbrugh university, can be cmpared t Philadelphia, Bmbay r Athens cncerning its internatinal psitin. The city f Lyn is wrking in partnerships t mre easily enable the establishment f new headquarters in the territry. (ADERLY, Chambre du cmmerce et d"industrie, Grand Lyn...). Accrding t the ECERBanque Ppulaire, Lyn is the 14th favrite city in the Eurpean Unin cncerning the creatin f cmpanies and investments.


Lyn is the headquarters f many cmpanies like Eurnews, Tupargel, Lyn Airprts, BiMérieux, LVL Medical, Visin (Chclatier), CEGID, Birn, Infgrames, GL Events, Alptis, Cmpagnie Natinale du Rhône (C.N.R.)...

usiness quarte

The specializatin f sme sectrs f activities have the cnsequence f creating several main business centers:
La PartDieu, lcated in the 3rd arrndissement is the secnd biggest business district after La Défense in Paris with its emblematic Tur du Crédit LynnaisPencil twer and Oxygen Twer.
Cité Internatinale (Internatinal City), cmpletely created by the architect Renz Pian and finished in 2006. This zne is lcated in the brder f the Parc de la tête d"r in the 6th arrndissement. The wrldwide headquarters f Interpl is lcated there.
The quarter f the Cnfluence, in the suth f the histric centre is a new ple f ecnmical and cultural develpment. This zne is lcated in the suth f Bellecur and the Perrache railway statin.


The turism industry is really beneficial t Lyn with ne billin eurs in 2007 and 3.5 millin htel nights frm freigners in 2006. Apprximately 60% f turists visit fr business, with the rest fr leisure. In January 2009, Lyn is in first place f the hstels business in France.
The main turist festivals are the Fête des lumières als knwn as the festival f lights. The Nuits de Furvière, annual festival in June and August. The Biennale d"art cntemprain. The Nuits Snres

abratry P4 Jean Merieu
Lyn is hme t sme f the mst dangerus viruses in the wrld (class 4) in the Jean Merieux labratry f research, like Ebla, Marburg, Nipah, Hendra, Lassa...

ain sight
These are the main sights in Lyn.

tewrthy site
*Twn Hall (17th century) n place des Terreaux, built by architects Jules HarduinMansart and Rbert de Ctte.
*Musée des beauxarts de Lyn, fine arts museum hused in a frmer cnvent f the 17th century, including the Barque "chapelle SaintPierre".
*HôtelDieu de Lyn, 17th and 18th century histrical hspital with a barque chapel.
*Temple du Change (17th and 18th century), frmer stck exchange f Lyn, Prtestant temple since the 18th century.
*Place Bellecur, ne f the largest square in Eurpe.
*Opéra Natinal de Lyn (1831), renvated in 1993 by Jean Nuvel.
*"Cathédrale SaintJean", medieval cathedral with elements f the 13th, 14th and 15th century.
*"Basilica f StMartind"Ainay" is ne f the rare surviving Rmanesque basilicastyle churches in Lyn.
*"Eglise SaintPaul", Rmanesque (12 and 13th century) and Gthic (1516th century) church.
*"Église SaintBnaventure", 14th and 15th century Gthic church.
* "Church f St. Nizier", Gthic church f the fifteenth century. Its drway was carved in the sixteenth century by Philibert Delrme.
*"Chapelle de la Trinité" (1622), the first Barque chapel built in Lyn, it was part f the frmer Ecle de la Trinité, nw Cllègelycée Ampère.
*"Église SaintPlycarpe" (16651670), Classical church.
*"Eglise SaintJust", 16th, 17th and 18th century Classical church.
*"SaintBrun des Chartreux", 17th and 18th century church, masterpiece f Barque architecture.
*"Église Ntre Dame SaintVincent", 18th century Neclassical church.
*"Basilica f NtreDame de Furvière", large 19th century basilica n the tp f Furvière Hill.
*The Vieux Lyn "(Old Lyn)", Medieval and Renaissance quarter f twn, with cbbled streets, shps, and dining.
*"Hôtel de Bulliud", Renaissance hôtel particulier als built by Philibert Delrme.
*The Rman ruins n the hillside near the Furviere Basilica with the Ancient Theatre f Furvière, the Oden f Lyn and the accmpanying GallRman Museum.
*Amphitheatre f the Three Gauls, rman ruins f an amphiteatre.
*Tur métallique de Furvière (1894).
*"La Muche" Cattle Market and Abbatir (1914, 1928), designed by Tny Garnier.
*"Sainte Marie de La Turette "mnastery (1960) designed by Le Crbusier
*SaintExupéry Internatinal Airprt (frmerly Satlas Airprt, 1975), designed by Guillaume Gilbert.
*Gare de Lyn SaintExupéry (1994) by Santiag Calatrava.
*"Cité Internatinale" (1998), designed by Renz Pian. It is a grup f buildings fr varius functins.
*Tur du Crédit Lynnais
*Tur Oxygène
*Tur Incity

*Musée des beauxarts de Lyn ("Fine Arts Museum"), main museum f the city and ne f the largest art galleries in France. Hused in the "Palais Saint Pierre", a frmer 17th century cnvent, it displays a majr cllectin f paintings (Tintrett, Pal Vernese, Niclas Pussin, Rubens, Rembrandt, Zurbaran, Canalett, Delacrix, Mnet, Gauguin, Van Ggh, Cézanne, Matisse, Picass, Francis Bacn...), cllectins f sculptures, drawings and printings, decrative arts, rman and Greek antiquities, the secnd largest cllectin f Egyptian antiquities in France after that f the Luvre and a medal cabinet f 50 000 medals and cins.
*GallRman Museum, it displays many valuable bjects and artwks fund n the site f rman Lyn (Lugdunum) like the Circus Games Msaic, Cligny calendar r the Taurblic Altar.
*African Museum f Lyn
*Centre d"histire de la résistance et de la déprtatin
*Musée des Cnfluences, planned future museum f Sciences and anthrplgy.
*La Sucrière, cntemprary art center.
*Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décratifs, decrative arts museum.
*Musée d"art cntemprain de Lyn, cntemprary art museum.
*Musée Gadagne, museum f the histry f Lyn hused in a histrical building f the VieuxLyn qaurter.

arks and garden

*Jardin btanique de Lyn (8 hectares), included in the Parc de la Tête d"Or, is a municipal btanical garden lcated in the Parc de la Tête d"Or, Lyn, Rhône, RhôneAlpes, France. It is pen weekdays withut charge.

The garden was established in 1857 as a successr t earlier btanical gardens dating t 1796, and nw describes itself as France"s largest municipal btanical garden. Tday it cntains abut 15,000 plants, including 3500 plants f temperate regins, 760 species f shrubs, a hundred species f wild rses, 750 varieties f histrical rses, 200 varieties f penies recgnized by the "Cnservatire Français des Cllectins Végétales Spécialisées" (CCVS), 1800 species f alpine plants, 50 varieties f water lilies, and 6,000 species in its greenhuses.

The garden"s greenhuses enclse a ttal f 6500 m² in area, and include a central pavilin fr trpical plants including camellias ver a hundred years ld; a greenhuseaquarium with Amaznian water lilies; a Dutch greenhuse cntaining carnivrus plants; small greenhuses with rchids; and small cld greenhuses with azaleas, cactus, and s frth.

*Parc de la Tête d"Or, (literally, Glden Head Park), in central Lyn is the largest urban park in France at 117 hectares. Lcated in the 6th arrndissement, it features a large lake n which bating takes place during the summer mnths. Due t the relatively small number f ther parks in Lyn, it receives a huge number f visitrs ver summer, and is a frequent destinatin fr jggers and cyclists. At the nrthern end f the park, there is a small z, with giraffes, elephants, tigers and ther animals. There is als sprting equipment, such as a veldrme, bules curt, miniglf, hrse riding, and even a miniature train.

*Parc de Gerland, in the suth f the city (20 hectares in 2000, 80 hectares in the end).
*Parc des hauteurs, in Furvières.
*Parc de MiribelJnage, (300 hectares).
*Parc de LacrixLaval, (115 hectares).
*Parc de Parilly, (178 hectares).

lleges and universitie
The HôtelDieu de Lyn tday
*ECE Lyn
*CPE Lyn
*Écle Centrale de Lyn
*ECAM Lyn (Écle Cathlique d"Arts et Métiers de Lyn)
*EM Lyn (Écle de Management de Lyn)
*Écle des BeauxArts
*Écle Nrmale Supérieure de Lyn
*Écle Nrmale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines
*Institut Natinal des Sciences Appliquées de Lyn (lcated in Villeurbanne)
* (lcated in Villeurbanne)
*Institut d"études plitiques de Lyn
*Institutin des Chartreux
*Université Claude Bernard (Lyn I)
*Lumière University Lyn 2
*Université Jean Mulin (Lyn III)
*Institut d"Administratin des Entreprises de Lyn, Université Jean Mulin (Lyn III)
*Cathlic University f Lyn
*ESDES Business Schl
*IDRAC Internatinal Schl f Management
*Wesfrd Graduate Business Schl
*Le Lycée du Parc
*La Martiniere Lyn

nternatinal primary and secndary level schls in Ly
There are sme internatinal schls in Lyn, including:
*Cité Sclaire Internatinale de Lyn (private schl)

Lyn is hme t the Ligue 1 ftball team Olympique Lynnais, cmmnly knwn as "Lyn" r "OL". The team has enjyed unprecedented success recently, winning seven cnsecutive natinal titles and establishing themselves as France"s premier ftball club. The captain f the side, Juninh Pernambucan is ne f several Brazilians at Lyn, and he has received many awards while leading his team t unrivalled success. The team cmpetes in the prestigius UEFA Champins League and currently plays at the impressive Stade de Gerland, where the Danne Natins Cup is held every year. The team is set t mve t a new stadium in DécinesCharpieu (in the eastern suburbs) in 2010, which will hld 61,556 peple. Lyn als has a rugby unin team, Lyn OU, currently playing in divisin 2, Rugby Pr D2. In additin, Lyn has a rugby league side: Lyn Villeurbanne Rhône XIII, r LVR XIII, play in the French rugby league champinship. The club"s current hme grund is Stade Gerges Lyvet in Villeurbanne. Lyn is als hme t the Lyn Hckey Club, an ice hckey team that cmpetes in France"s natinal ice hckey league. Finally, Villeurbanne als has a renwned basketball team, ASVEL, wh play at the Astrballe arena in Cusset.

The SaintExupéry Internatinal Airprt is lcated east f Lyn, and serves as a base fr dmestic and internatinal flights. With its inhuse train statin (Gare de Lyn SaintExupéry) the airprt is als cnnected t the TGV netwrk.

The LynBrn Airprt is a smaller airprt dedicated t General Aviatin (bth private and cmmercial), lcated east f the city centre. Having helipads, the facility hsts a Gendarmerie and a Sécurité Civile (civilian defence) Base. This smaller airprt used t be Lyn"s internatinal airprt befre all the airline"s activities gt transferred t Lyn SaintExupéry.

The public transit system is cmplemented by "Vél"v", a bicycle netwrk prviding a lw cst and cnvenient bicycle hire service where bicycles can be hired and drpped ff at any f 340 statins thrughut the city. Brrwing a bicycle fr less than 30 minutes is free.
Lyn"s tramway

nternatinal attracti

The unusual prject Lyn Dubai City, a reprductin f sme districts f Lyn in Dubai, is a majr pint fr the turism in Lyn.

eple frm Ly

*AndréMarie Ampère
*Raymnd Barre
*Azuz Begag
*Karim Benzema
*Paul Bcuse
*Gérard Cllmb
*Clvis Crnillac
*Natalie Dessay
*Liane Fly
*Éric Guirad
*Jean Michel Jarre
*Maurice Jarre
*Allan Kardec
*Jerme Kerviel
*Alexandre Lacassagne
*Edmnd Lcard
*Auguste and Luis Lumière
*André Manukian
*Jean Baptiste Maunier
*Jean Mulin
*Abbé Pierre
*Luis Pradel
*Antine de SaintExupéry
*JeanBaptiste Say
*Bertrand Tavernier
*Sylvie Testud

vies in Ly
* 1895: "14 vues Lumière filmées à Lyn entre 1895 et 1900" by Auguste and Luis Lumière
* 1946: "Un revenant" by ChristianJaque, with Luis Juvet, Gaby Mrlay, Françis Périer, Marguerite Mren, Ludmilla Tchérina, Luis Seigner
* 1953: "Thérèse Raquin", by Marcel Carné, with Simne Signret, Raf Vallne and Jacques Duby
* 1956: "Un cndamné à mrt s"est échappé" by Rbert Bressn
* 1966: "Le Vyage du père" by Denys de La Patellière
* 1969: "L"Armée des mbres", by JeanPierre Melville
* 1974: "L"Hrlger de SaintPaul" by Bertrand Tavernier
* 1974: "Verdict" by André Cayatte
* 1980: "Une semaine de vacances" by Bertrand Tavernier
* 1981: "Le Vyage à Lyn" by Claudia vn Aleman
* 1985: "Parle de flic" by Jsé Pinheir with Alain Deln
* 1993: "Un crime" by Jacques Deray
* 1994: "Lucie Aubrac" by Claude Berri
* 1996: "Les Vleurs" by André Téchiné
* 1998: "Le Gne du Chaâba" by Christphe Ruggia, frm the bk by Azuz Begag
* 2000: "Lyn plice spéciale" by Bertrand Arthuys
* 2000: "Tut va bien, n s"en va" by Claude Muriéras
* 2000: "Une affaire de gût" by Bernard Rapp
* 2002: "Inventaire filmé des rues de la CrixRusse à Lyn" by Gérard Curant
* 2002: "Quand tu descendras du ciel" by Éric Guirad
* 2003: "Le Cût de la vie" by Philippe Le Guay
* 2004: "Vaada" by Satish Kaushik, film by Bllywd
* 2005: "Destinatin Furvière" by Gérard Curant
* 2007: "Après Lui" by Gaël Mrel
* 2007: "Détrmpezvus" by Brun Dega
* 2007: "J"veux pas que tu t"en ailles" by Bernard Jeanjean
* 2007: "La fille cupée en deux" by Claude Chabrl
* 2008: "Les Liens du sang" by Jacques Maillt
* 2009: "The Internatinal" by Tm Tykwer
* 2009: "Je te mangerais" by Sphie Laly

nternatinal relatin

win twns — Sister citie
Lyn is twinned with:
* Milan in Italy "(since 1966)"
* Minsk in Belarus "(since 1976)"
* Mntréal in Québec, Canada "(since 1979)"
* Gthenburg in Sweden
* Pécs in Hungary
* Jerich in Palestinian Authrity
* Craiva in Rmania "(since 1992)"
* Varna in Bulgaria
* Muntinlupa in Philippines
* Saint Petersburg in Russia "(since 1993)"
* YshkarOla in Russia
* Ouagadugu in Burkina Fas

ultural reference

* The city figures in the play "The Lyns Mail" by Charles Reade, which was adapted int a film in 1931.
* Lyn in the year 1656 is described by Samuel Chappuzeau in his bk "Lyn dans sn lustre".
* A histrical article abut a 19th century fld inspired the 1979 sng "The Fld at Lyns" by the rck band Renaissance.
* In the Marillin sng "Bitter Suite" frm "Misplaced Childhd" there is a reference t Lyn. The line is: "The sky was bible black in Lyns, when I met the Magdalene."
* Mrrissey, frmer singer with The Smiths, briefly mentins Lyn in the 2006 sng "Christian Dir," the Bside t "In The Future When All"s Well".
* Lyn is the name f a multiplayer level in the realtime strategy game "Cmpany f Heres".
* In the vide game Metal Gear Slid 2: Sns f Liberty, the character Revlver Ocelt has gne thrugh an arm transplant in Lyn, as revealed in ne f the dialgs.

The lin is a cmmn sight in Lyn:

File:Lyn lin dr kncker.jpg |A lin dr kncker in Lyn
File:Lyn lin maisn des avcats.jpg |The lin at Maisn des Avcats
File:Lyn lin Parc de la Tête d"Or.jpg |A real lin in the Parc de la Tête d"Or
File:Lyn lins Gare PartDieu.jpg |Sculpture f lins at the Gare PartDieu
File:Blasn ville fr Lyn (Rhne).svg |The lin n the seal f Lyn

ee al

* Intercultural cities

Lyn centre, view t Furvière Hill frm Presqu"île near Place Bellecur
* Histry f Lyn
* Lugdunum
* List f the streets in Lyn
* Grand Lyn
* RhôneAlpes
* Gallia Lugdunensis
* Lyn Dubai City
* Réseau Express de l"Aire métrplitaine lynnaise
* Olympique Lynnais
* Urban Cmmunity f Lyn
* IAE Jean Mulin University Lyn 3


xternal link


Categry:Cmmunes f Rhône

ar:ليون (فرنسا)
an:León del Rine
gl:Lión Lyn
vec:Lin (Fransa)
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|population = 2203817|population ranking = 1st in France|urban area km2 = 2,723|urban area date = 1999|urban pop = 10,142,983|urban pop date = 2006|metro area km2 = 14518.3|metro area date = 1999|metro area pop = 11,769,433|metro area pop date =
|population = 2203817|population ranking = 1st in France|urban area km2 = 2,723|urban area date = 1999|urban pop = 10,142,983|urban pop date = 2006|metro area km2 = 14518.3|metro area date = 1999|metro area pop = 11,769,433|metro area pop date =
|population = 2203817|population ranking = 1st in France|urban area km2 = 2,723|urban area date = 1999|urban pop = 10,142,983|urban pop date = 2006|metro area km2 = 14518.3|metro area date = 1999|metro area pop = 11,769,433|metro area pop date =
|population = 2203817|population ranking = 1st in France|urban area km2 = 2,723|urban area date = 1999|urban pop = 10,142,983|urban pop date = 2006|metro area km2 = 14518.3|metro area date = 1999|metro area pop = 11,769,433|metro area pop date =
|population = 2203817|population ranking = 1st in France|urban area km2 = 2,723|urban area date = 1999|urban pop = 10,142,983|urban pop date = 2006|metro area km2 = 14518.3|metro area date = 1999|metro area pop = 11,769,433|metro area pop date =
"Marseille" (in English also "Marseilles", ; ; locally ; in Occitan "Marselha" or "Marsiho", pronounced ), formerly known as "Massalia" (from ), is the 2nd most populous French city as well as the oldest city in France. It forms the third-largest
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France is heading for an unprecedented four-way contest in the first round of its presidential vote on April 23, according to opinion polls. Paris (dpa) - Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron are out in front, the polls
Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election on Sunday by what is expected to be a huge margin, as leaders in France and beyond hailed it as a victory for the European Union. Paris (dpa) - He won with between 65 and 66 per cent of the vote,


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