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Sweden, Lund
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Main sight
During the 12th and 13th centuries, when the town was the seat of the archbishop, many churches and monasteries were built. At its peak, Lund had 27 churches, but most of them were demolished as result of the Reformation in 1536. Several medieval buildings remain, including Lund Cathedral, Liberiet, the restaurant Stäket and parts of the Cathedral School. Timber framing is characteristic of the houses built up to the end of the 19th century, for example the "Wickmanska gården."

Most of the central buildings in Lund date from the late 19th century, when small houses were replaced by multi-storey ones. Notable buildings built during this period include the University Library (1902), Grand Hotel (1899) and the University Main Building (1882).

Image:Lund skyline februari 2005.jpg|Skyline
Image:Lunds universitet.jpg|Lund University main building
Image:Universitetsbiblioteket 080508.jpg|The University Library
Image:Liberiet, 2004c.jpg|Liberiet
Image:Grand Hotel, Lund.jpg|Grand Hotel
Image:Katedralskolan lund.JPG|The Cathedral School
image:Wickmanska gården, Lund.jpg|Wickmanska gården

Major roads
Lund has been connected to the motorway network since 1953 when the E22, the first motorway in Sweden, was built round the edge of the town. There are also other connections to most major roads in the area, for example the E6 via Riksväg 16, and the Länsväg 108 which connects to the E65.Lund train station

Lund has been praised for its cycling infrastructure. There are 5000 bike parking spaces in the town, including a multi-storey facility, 160km of cyclepaths, and 45% of commuters travel by bicycle. There has been no increase in car usage for the past 10 years.

Railways and public transport
Lund has been on the main railway line between Malmö and Stockholm since 1857. Today there are direct connections to Copenhagen and Elsinore via the Öresund Bridge. This connection is mainly served by the Öresundståg, maintained by DSB, the Danske Statsbaner in Denmark and Skånetrafiken in Scania, as well as by SJ in the rest of Sweden. Local traffic is managed by the two-coach electric multiple units Pågatåg, which provide connections to many destinations in Scania. Because of Lund"s central position, it is possible to travel to the three largest cities in Sweden without having to change trains.

Public transport within Lund is overseen by Skånetrafiken, but the actual bus network is licensed to the "Bergkvarabuss" company. The city buses connect around 400 bus stops with 11 bus lines served by a fleet of 40 Mercedes Citaro running on compressed natural gas and a few smaller buses using diesel. There are plans of initiating a tram network to achieve faster and higher-capacity public transport in some parts of the city and to the suburban towns of Dalby, Staffanstorp and Södra Sandby.

In recent years the pressure on rail and bus lines has increased, due to the ever growing commuting between Lund, Malmö and other nearby places and increased casual and professional contacts with the Copenhagen area. As of 2009, the railyard and quays area of Lund station is undergoing some rearrangements to accommodate expected growth in traffic, while Malmö station is also being rebuilt in tandem with the Malmö city rail tunnel, due to open in 2010/11.

Lund is located very close to Malmö-Sturup Airport which is mainly used for domestic flights. Kastrup, the airport for Copenhagen is often used for longer international flights, and is about 45 minutes by train from Lund. There also used to be a very small airstrip, Hasslanda Flygfält, to the south of Lund, mainly used for private and charter flights.

Lund University Male Voice Choir at the Lund University main building on 1 May 2005
The culture in Lund is characterized by the large student population and student traditions. A substantial part of the nightlife is located at student fraternities.

Lund also has a city theatre (though without a local ensemble of its own) and a number of other places for concerts and theatres.

Lund hosts the largest open-air museum of Scania, Kulturen. Kulturen is the second oldest dedicated open-air museum in the world and consists of more than 30 buildings, as well as large collections on Scanian art, crafts. local archaeology and history. The museum was founded in 1892 by Georg Karlin. Today the museum often hosts different exhibitions and its visitors can experience how Swedish people lived and worked throughout the centuries.

Literature and art
Classical writers who have lived in Lund at some time include August Strindberg, Esaias Tegnér, Ola Hansson, Carl Linnaeus, Axel Lundegård, Anders Österling, Bengt Lidforss, and Vilhelm Ekelund and in later generations Hjalmar Gullberg and Göran Sonnevi. The film director Lukas Moodysson and the poet and playwright Lars Norén both grew up on the fringe of the municipality.

The city has a vivid tradition in music and theatre, stimulated both by the church, schools, student musical festivities (the Lund Student Singers) and the "Spex" tradition (parodistic musical plays often setting well-known music to new lyrics and mixing up the historical and the present in unconventional intrigues) and, especially, the "Lund Carnival" (for which see the special section).

Lund has long been a regional centre for classical and church music and in later decades has also developed a lively pop and jazz scene.

Lundakarnevalen (the Lund Carnival)
The Lund carnival has been held every four years since the mid-nineteenth century: the origin is traditionally set at a wedding in 1849 (the four-year intervals place the party in 2002, 2006, 2010 etc). Arranged by the students of the university, from the 1950s onwards the event has grown in size and intensity but still remains an amateur event. midway between a music and stage fair, a city festival and an outpouring of gentle satire, parody and general madness. Some students dress up in costumes, often relating to and poking fun at current issues, and parade in wagons. Others perform humorous skits in the evenings. The carnival revues and other stage entertainments have launched a number of well-known entertainers and actors over the years.

Lund is not a notable center for sports except for handball, where it has two teams in the top league: H 43 and LUGI. It has also a chess team, Lunds ASK, that for decades has been among the top teams in Sweden. Lund is also the birth place of the online football manager game Hattrick. Lund also has Division 2 football club called Lunds BK.

Lund is a centre of high tech companies such as Sony Ericsson and Ericsson Mobile Platforms, and other telecommunication companies. The Lund Institute of Technology has historical connections with the industrial life. There is even a business park within Lund, "Ideon", for high tech companies that have ties to the university.

Other important industries include medical technology (Gambro), pharmaceuticals (Astra Zeneca), biotechnology (Active Biotech, among others), heat exchanger and separator(Alfa Laval), and publishing and library services. The hospital and the university in Lund are two other big employers, with extensive research facilities.

Lund is also home to the Tetra Pak company that manufactures and markets paper packaging and equipment for milk, orange juice etc. all over the world.

*Lund University
*Lund Institute of Technology
*Lund School of Economics and Management
*Royal Swedish Physiographic Society

Notable natives
*Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Olympic equestrian
*Martin Dahlin, footballer
*Timbuktu (Jason Diakité), hip-hop and reggae artist
*Mikael Håfström, film writer and director
*Joachim Johansson, tennis player
*Amanda Jenssen, singer and "Idol" competitor
*Roger Ljung, footballer
*Lukas Moodysson, film writer, director
*Linus Thörnblad, Olympic high jumper
*Max von Sydow, actor
*Elin Wägner, feminist writer
*Måns Zelmerlöw, pop singer
*The Radio Dept., band

See also
* Lund Principle, an important principle in ecumenical relations between Christian churches.
Hailee Araya, Ethio-Swedish scriptwriter/actress is also a Lund Native born and raised in Lund.


External links

* - Official site (Swedish)
* - Official site (English)
* - Unofficial site (English)(Swedish)
* Tourist information

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