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Belgium, Kortrijk
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Much of the city"s medieval architecture remains intact and is remarkably well preserved and restored. The city center is one of the largest carfree areas in Belgium. The beguinage, as well as the belfry, were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1998 and 1999.
Interesting highlights are:

* Medieval City Hall (on the main square). The façade of the late-Gothic, early Renaissance city hall is adorned with the statues of the Counts of Flanders.
* The belfry is surmounted by a statue of Mercury, god of the merchants. The belfry is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

* Near-identical medieval Broel Towers with the bridge in between that spans the river Lys. (the "Speyetower" and the "Ingelburgtower")
* Artillerytower ("Artillerietoren")
* Mont de Piété ("Berg van Barmhartigheid" or "house of Mercy")
* Weigh house ("Stadswaag") on the St.Michael-square
* Our Lady Hospital ("Onze-Lieve-Vrouwehospitaal"), founded in 1200-1204.
* Baggaertshof, often called Kortrijk"s second Beguinage, contains a Botanical garden
* Groeningekouter contains the Groeninge Gate and the Groeninge Monument, to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the famous Battle of the Golden Spurs

* The Saint-Martin church dates from the 13th century but was mostly rebuilt after a fire in the 15th century. It now houses a 48-bell carillon. Its 83 meter (272 feet) tower remains the highest building in the city.
* The beguinage is one of the quaintest sites in the city. It too, was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

* The church of Our Lady ("Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk") was where the golden spurs taken from the battlefield in 1302 were hung. It houses a famous van Dyck painting.
* the Count’s chapel ("Gravenkapel"), built after the example of la Sainte Chapelle in Paris as shrine for Louis II of Flanders.
* Saint-Michaelschurch; a church of the Society of Jesus
* Saint-Johnschurch in the St.-Johnsquarter; a neogotic basilica
* Groeninge Abbey
* Saint Eligiuschurch
* Saint-Pius X-church
* Saint-Rochchurch
* Saint-Elisabethchurch
* Saint-Anthonychurch or "Toontjes kerk" with the pelgrimage of Isidore of Saint Joseph
* Saint-Annechurch
* Saint-Theresiachurch
* Father Damienchurch

Museums in Kortrijk include:

* "Kortrijk 1302: seven centuries in one day", a historic museum about the famous Battle of the Golden Spurs, which gave Flanders its official holiday (July 11th)
* Broelmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts and archaeological museum), with paintings by Roelant Savery and international Ceramic.
* National Flax Museum in honour of the plant that once was the main driver of Kortrijk’s economy
* Groeninge Abbey with the Groeningemuseum. This museum gives you an overview of Kortrijk"s history.
* Beguinage museum
* Flemish Film museum and archive"
* Bakery- and Millmuseum"
* Museum of Agriculture"
* International Rose gardens

estaurants and culinary tradition
As with most Belgian cities, Kortrijk offers a rich variety of local and foreign cuisine. Famous local specialities include Kalletaart (applecake with Calvados), Peperbollen, Biscuits, and chocolate "little beguines". The town of Heule is home to the notable small brewery Picobrouwerij Alvinne.

The city is host to some sizable cultural events such as the Day of the Flemish Community, Golden River City Jazz festival, Humorologie, Happy New Ears, Budafest and the Internationaal Festival van Vlaanderen. Also, trade shows and events such as the Eurodogshow take place in the Kortrijk Xpo event center, attracting numerous visitors to the city. In July and August there are various boat tours on the river Lys.

The city is historically connected with the flax and the textile industry, and still today the textile industry remains important in the region. Major companies headquartered in Kortrijk include Barco and Bekaert.

Kortrijk serves as an educational centre in south West-Flanders, attracting students from the entire region. There are 55 schools in Kortrijk, on 72 different locations throughout the city, with an estimated 21.000 students.
The city also provides higher education. The University, the KULAK, a campus of the Catholic University of Leuven, is located in on the south edge of the city. Other institutes of higher education include the KATHO and HOWEST university colleges.

Kortrijk lies at the intersection of three important highways:
*The E17: connects Kortrijk with Ghent, Sint-Niklaas and Antwerp to the northeast, and with Lille and Paris to the south-west.
*The E403: connects Kortrijk with Bruges and Ostend to the north, and with Tournai, Mons and Charleroi to the south-east.
*The Belgian highway A19

*In addition Kortrijk also has two ringways:
**The R8: connects the outskirts of Kortrijk with each other and the surrounding villages, and also leads to the A19, E403 and E17 roads.
**The R36: connects the different downtown quarters with each other, and provides access to the main avenues.

*To municipality of Kortrijk comprises three train stations:
**Kortrijk main railway station: an international train station with connections to Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Ypres, Oudenaarde, other Belgian towns and Lille in France. The station also offers a direct connection to Brussels Airport.
**Kortrijk-Vorming Station
**Bissegem Station: a regional train station in the village of Bissegem with connections to Ypres.

ublic city transpor
Kortrijk has an extensive web of public transport lines, operated by "De Lijn", providing access to the city centre and the suburbs (city lines, ) and to many towns and villages in the region around the city (regional lines, ).

*"City buses":
**Line 1: Station - Xpo - Kinepolis (- Leiedal)
**Line 2: Station - Lange Munte
**Line 3: Station - Heule Bozestraat
**Line 4: Station - Bissegem Station - Heule Kransvijver
**Line 6: Station - Shopping Center (- Industriezone) - Heule Markt
**Line 8: Station - Pottelberg - Walle
**Line 9: Station - Cederlaan
**Line 12: Station - Kinepolis - Bellegem - Rollegem (- Aalbeke)
**Line 13: Station - Hoog Kortrijk - Station
**Line 50: Station - Kuurne Seizoenswijk
**Line 51: Station - Kuurne Sint-Pieter
**Line 80/81: Station - Marke
**Line 91/92/93: Station - Zwevegem

*"Regional buses"
:At Kortrijk main railway station, there is a bus station where regional buses stop as well.

Kortrijk Airport
*The city has an airport known as Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport, which is mainly used for business travel.
*The national Brussels Airport, one hour away by train or car, offers the best connectivity.
*The Lille Lesquin International Airport is located 35 kilometres (22 miles) away from Kortrijk.

Cars are required to yield to pedestrians and cyclists. In general, cars are led to large underground parkings in the historic center of Kortrijk or Park&Ride parkings at outside the city center. Large parts of the historic center are car free.

:Kortrijk has three official football clubs. The most famous of them is K.V. Kortrijk, which plays in the Belgian First Division after having won the championship in the Belgian second division during the 2007-2008 season.
:The second club SV Kortrijk plays in the second provincial division.
:The third club, Wikings Kortrijk, only has youth teams.

** Kortrijk Sport CB
**Basketbalteam Kortrijk

:As anywhere in Flanders, professional cycling is very popular. Many cycling races start, finish or pass through the Kortrijk region. Amongst them are the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen, Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, Ghent-Wevelgem, the Ronde van Vlaanderen and Dwars door Vlaanderen. Kortrijk also hosts an after-tour criterium at the start of August called "Kortrijk Koerse". Many of the riders who participated in the Tour de France usually appear at the start.

** RC Curtrycke

** Tennis Club De Egelantier

** KZK, Kortrijkse Zwemkring
:KZK Kortrijk is arguably the best waterpolo team in Belgium, having won the Belgian championship nine times. In the 2007-2008 season they won both the championship and the Belgian cup.

uropean cooperatio
Even though Kortrijk is a Dutch speaking town, it borders with Wallonia, and is only 9 km (6 miles) away from the French border. This has created an urban area that extends across linguistic and national borders. The mayors of Lille, Kortrijk and Tournai met in Kortrijk on January 28 2008 to sign a document creating the first European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation within the EU. The purpose of this new organisation is to facilitate the movement of people within this area of nearly 2 million people.

otable citizen

* Hendrik Beyaert, architect
* Francis Bonaert, architect
* John II of Brienne, Count of Eu
* Hendrik Conscience, writer
* Nico F. Declercq, Physicist and Professor
* Greg LeMond, 3-time Tour de France Winner
* Carl Colpaert, director movie industries
* Laurence Courtois, tennis player
* Edmée Daenen, pop artist
* Stefaan De Clerck, politician and mayor of Kortrijk, current Minister of Justice
* Carl de Keyzer, photographer
* Pierre de La Rue, Renaissance composer
* Ann Demeulemeester, fashion designer
* Sophie de Schaepdrijver, historian
* Stijn Devolder, road bicycle racer
* Ernest Gambart, art publisher and dealer
* Guido Gezelle, poet
* Robert Gillon (1884-1972), lawyer, politician
* Piet Goddaer, singer-composer, mostly under the name:Ozark Henry
* Paul Goethals (1832-1901), first Archbishop of Calcutta
* The members of electro rock band Goose
* Leif Hoste, road bicycle racer
* Gilles Joye, Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance
* Xavier Malisse, tennis player
* Isidore of Saint Joseph (1881-1916), Passionist brother, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1984
* Morris, creator of Lucky Luke
* Hanne Gaby Odiele, model
* Jan Palfyn (1650-1730), doctor, surgeon and inventor of the forceps
* Arne Quinze (1971-), designer and conceptual artist
* Jan Robbe (1980-), electronic artist and founder of Entity
* Louis Robbe (1806-1887), painter
* Roelant Savery (1576-1639), painter
* Stijn Streuvels (1871-1969), writer
* Jacobus Vaet, Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance
* Gella Vandecaveye, judoka, former world champion and Olympic silver medalist
* Guido van Gheluwe (b. 1926), founder of the Orde van den Prince
* Vincent Van Quickenborne (b. 1973), current minister of enterprise and member of the Kortrijk city council.
* Emmanuel Vierin (1869-1954), painter
* George Washington, inventor
* Bruno de Witte (1955-), European law Professor, European thinker

own twinnin
Kortrijk participates in town twinning to encourage good international relations.
* Bad Godesberg, Germany (1964)
* Frascati, Italy
* Greenville, South Carolina, USA
* Lahore, Pakistan
* Saint-Cloud, France
* Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom

xternal link

* - Information available in Dutch, French, English and German


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"Gent" may refer to any of the following:* a shortened form of "gentleman"*Dutch language spelling for the city of Ghent in the Flemish region of Belgium* a model for hyperelastic materials* "Gent" (magazine), a men"s magazine*Gentamicin, an
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