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Slovenia, Koper
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| blank2_name = Households
| blank2_info = 17,391
| blank3_name = Families
| blank3_info = 13,879
| website =
| footnotes = Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, census of 2002.
"" (; ) is a coastal town and municipality and the largest commercial port in Slovenia, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The town has a population of 23,726 and is officially bilingual, with both Slovene and Italian as official languages. Sights in include the 15th-century "Praetorian Palace" in Venetian Gothic style, the 12th century "Carmine Rotunda" church, and the "Cathedral of St Nazarius" with its 14th century tower.

is also one of the main road entry points into Slovenia from Italy which lies to the north of the municipality. The main motorway crossing is at Spodnje Škofije to the north of city, the motorway continues into Rabuiese and Trieste. On the coast, there is a crossing at Lazaret into Lazaretto in Muggia comune in Trieste province. The Italian border crossing is known as San Bartolomeo. Italian used to be the main language in the city, 92% in 1900, but has decreased sharply after becoming part of Yugoslavia in 1954 and then Slovenia in 1991.

The Praetorian Palace
Loggia palace
Modern Residential Quarter

rose from an ancient settlement built on an island in the southeastern part of the Gulf of in the northern Adriatic. In the time of Ancient Greece, the town was known as "Aegida", later it became known by its Latin names "Capris", "Caprea", "Capre" or "Caprista", from which the modern Slovenian name stems.

In 568, Roman citizens of nearby "Tergeste" (modern Trieste) fled to Capris due to an invasion of the Lombards. In honour of the Byzantine emperor Justinian II, the town was renamed to "Justinople". Later, Justinople was under both Lombard and Frankish rule.

Since the 8th century, possibly even since the 6th century, was the seat of a diocese. One of "s bishops was the Lutheran reformer Pier Paolo Vergerio. In 1828, it was merged into the diocese of Trieste.

Trade between and Venice had been registered since 932. In the war between Venice and Germany (Holy Roman Empire), was on the German side, and was in result awarded with town rights, granted in 1035 by the emperor Conrad II. From 1232, was under the patriarch of Aquileia, and in 1278 it joined the Republic of Venice.

grew to become the capital of Venetian Istria and was renamed to "Caput Histriae", "head of Istria" (from which its modern Italian name "Capodistria" stems).

According the census of the year 1900 7205 Italian, 391 Slovenian, 167 Croatian and 67 German inhabitants lived in .

Assigned to Italy after World War I, at the end of World War II it was part of the Zone B of the Free Territory of Trieste, controlled by Yugoslavia. Most of the Italian inhabitants left the city by 1954, when the Free Territory of Trieste formally ceased to exist and Zone B became part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1977, the Roman Catholic Diocese of was separated from the Diocese of Trieste.

With Slovenian independence in 1991 became the only commercial port in Slovenia. The University of Primorska is based in the town.

Prominent citizens
The bust of Pier Paolo Vergerio in
* Zvest Apollonio (1935 - 2009), painter
* Gian Rinaldo Carli (1720 - 1795), man of letters
* Vittore Carpaccio (c. 1460 - c. 1525), painter. Born in Venice, lived in (then "Capodistria")
* Boris Cavazza (1939 - ), actor
* Aldo Cherini (1919 - ), historian and writer
* Giorgio Cobolli, Italian gold medal in the Second World War
* Lucija Čok, linguist, politician
* Zlatko Dedič (1984 - ), football player
* Lorella Flego (1974 - ), TV entertainer
* Rudolf Golouh (1887 - 1982), politician and author
* Aurelio Juri (1949 - ), politician
* Franco Juri (1956 - ), politician, musician
* Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776 - 1831), Greek patriot and first governor of the Greek state(1828-1831) his family hailed originally from /Capodistria
* Andreja Klepač (1986 - ), professional tennis player
* Tinkara Kovač (1978 - ), singer
* Bruno Maier (1922 - 2001), writer and literary critic
* Matjaž Markič (1983 - ), swimmer
* Davor Mizerit (1981 - ), rower
* Igor Pribac (1958 - ), philosopher
* Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini (1910 - 1965), journalist and writer. Born in Pazin (then "Pisino"), lived in (then "Capodistria")"
* Tomaž Šalamun (1941 - ), poet
* Santorio Santorio (1561 - 1636), medical scientist
* Nazario Sauro (1880 - 1916), Italian irredentist and sailor
* Spartaco Schergat (1920 - 1996), military frogman, sank the English battleship "Queen Elizabeth" in 1941. Italian gold medal in the Second World War.
* Francesco Trevisani (1656 - 1746), painter
* Pier Paolo Vergerio the Elder (1370 - 1444/1445), humanist, statesman and canonist
* Pier Paolo Vergerio the Young (1498 - 1565), man of Church
* Captain Antonio Zetto, traveller, Globe Trotting: A Ten Years Walk 1922 - 1932
* Vittorio Italico Zupelli (1859 - 1945), general, minister

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
is twinned with:

* Ferrara, Italy.
* Muggia, Italy.
* San Dorligo della Valle, Italy.
* Buzet, Croatia.
* Samara, Russia.
* Žilina, Slovakia.
* Jiujiang, China.
* Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.


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/person| blank2_name = Households| blank2_info = 17,391| blank3_name = Families| blank3_info = 13,879| website =| footnotes = Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of
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