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Norway, Kongsvinger
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is a town and is a municipality in county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Glåmdal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Kongsvinger.

A patch of land on both sides of the river Glomma with an area of approximately was separated from Vinger as a town named Kongsvinger by Royal Charter in 1854. The municipalities of Vinger and Brandval were merged with Kongsvinger on 1 January 1964. The new municipality of Kongsvinger briefly lost its status as a town after this amalgamation, but was later reinstated with its town status.

eneral informatio
The first element "Kongs-" ("the King"s") was added after the fortress was built in 1690. It was first applied only to the fortress (written as "Königs Winger" in old documents), then to the city that grew up around it and finally the modern municipality. The second element "Vinger" (Old Norse: "Vingr") is an old district name which is still in use.
* Politihøgskolen (Norwegian Police University College)
* Høgskolestiftelsen (University College)
* Øvrebyen VGS (high school)
* Sentrum VGS (high school)
* Norges Toppidrettsgymnas (high school)
* Holt Ungdomsskole (middle school)
* Tråstad Ungdomsskole (middle school)
* Vennersberg Barneskole (primary school)
* Marikollen Barneskole (primary school)
* Langeland Barneskole (primary school)
* Austmarka barne- og ungdomsskole (primary and middle school)
* Roverud barne- og ungdomsskole (primary and middle school)
* Brandval skole (primary school)
* Finnskogen Montessoriskole

* (old town, historic precinct)
* (international standard 18 holes championship golf course)
* Cross-country skiing
* Hunting
* Fishing
* Kayaking/canoeing
* Forest excursions/hiking

estivals and event
* Vinterfestivalen - winter festival (February)
* Rally Norway - car race (February)
* Liv i Leiren - historic fesitval in Øvrebyen (May)
* Kremmertorg - market day (May, June, August and September)
* Kongsvingermarken - funfair (May and September)
* Kongsvingerdagene - cultural days (June)
* Festival på Festningen - music festival (July)
* Kongsvinger marathon (August)
* Julemarked - Christmas market (December)

Lodging accommodations in Kongsvinger include the 3-star , the (motel), and the (camp grounds).

otable resident
* Håvard Gimse (b. 1966), pianist
* Levi Henriksen (b. 1964), author
* Dagny Juel (1867–1901), poet
* Monica Kristensen Solås (b. 1950), polar adventurer
* Roy Lønhøiden (b. 1964), composer and performing artist
* Åse Wisløff Nilssen (b. 1945), politician
* Even Pellerud (b. 1953), soccer player and coach
* Bjørge Stensbøl, former chief of top-level athletics Olympiatoppen
* Tove Strand (b. 1946), politician
* Sverre Strandli (b. 1925), hammer-thrower
* Erik Werenskiold (1855–1938), painter and illustrator
* Petter Nord (b. 1980), rikssynser
* Eva Lund Haugen ( 1907 - 1996), Norwegian American author.

nternational relation

win towns — Sister citie
The following cities are twinned with Kongsvinger:
* Arvika, Värmland County, Sweden
* Ebel es Saqi, Marjayoun, Lebanon
* Skive, Region Midtjylland, Denmark
* Ylöjärvi, Länsi-Suomi, Finland


xternal link
* from Statistics Norway
* (cultural organisation)
* local newspaper

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Category:Cities and towns in Norway

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