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Israel's main opposition party voting for new leader

By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online    auf Facebook posten  Auf Twitter posten  
Tel Aviv (dpa) - Israel‘s main opposition Labour Party is choosing its new leader in a run-off vote on Monday.

Former defence minister Amir Perez is the favourite to win the poll, with his only rival being former environment minister Avi Gabbay.

Outgoing party leader Isaac Herzog lost the chance to retain his position after coming third in the first round last week.

Herzog‘s popularity has plummeted in recent months. He had previously tried to forge an alliance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s coalition government, which consists of right-wing and religious parties.

More than 52,000 members of the social-democratic Labour Party are being called upon to cast their ballots nationwide.

The Labour Party is a faction of Israel‘s Zionist Union, an alliance of parties that makes up the country‘s second-biggest political power with 24 of 120 seats in parliament.

The alliance is however plagued by deep divisions and recent polls project that it could lose more than half of its seats if there were to be fresh elections.


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