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Sweden, Helsingborg
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"Helsingborg" ( is a locality and the seat of Helsingborg Municipality, , Sweden with 91,457 inhabitants in 2005. The population of Helsingborg city is increasing by around 1,700 people every year.

Helsingborg is the centre of a region of about 300,000 inhabitants of north-west Skåne.

Helsingborg is Sweden"s closest point to Denmark, with the Danish city Elsinore ("Helsingør") clearly visible on the other side of the strait of Öresund about 4 km to the west.

Historic Helsingborg, with its many old builings, is a scenic coastal city. The buildings are a blend of old-style stone-built churches and a medieval fortress (Kärnan) in the city centre, which has stood guard in Helsingborg for over 600 years, and more modern commercial buildings. The streets vary from wide avenues to small alley-ways. "Kullagatan", the main pedestrian shopping street in the city, was the first pedestrian shopping street in Sweden.

Helsingborg has an elite football (soccer) team, Helsingborgs IF. Their home stadium is Olympia. Henrik Larsson is the most famous of the club"s players.

Helsingborg is one of the oldest cities of Sweden. It has been the site of permanent settlement officially since 21 May 1085 Helsingborg"s geographical position at the narrowest part of The Sound made it very important for Denmark, at that time controlling both sides of that strait. From 1429 the Danes introduced the Sound Duty, a levy on all trading vessels passing through the sound between Elsinore and Helsingborg.Faringdon, Hugh. (1989) "Strategic Geography" Routledge. ISBN 0415009804 This was one of the main incomes for the Danish Crown.

Following the Dano-Swedish War (1657-1658) and the Treaty of Roskilde Denmark had to give up all territory on the southern Scandinavian peninsula, and Helsingborg became a Swedish city. King Charles X Gustav of Sweden landed here on the 5th of March 1658 to take possession of the Scanian lands and was met by a delegation led by the bishop of the Diocese of Lund, Peder Winstrup. At that time the town had a population of barely 1,000 people.

The new situation, being a border town, caused problems for the city. The days of conflict were not over. The Danes made many attempts to regain the lost provinces. The last time was in 1710, when 14,000 invaders landed on the shores near Helsingborg. The Battle of Helsingborg was fought on the 28th of February just outside the city, which was badly affected. It took long time to recover and in 1770 the city had 1321 inhabitants and was just slowly growing.

On the 20th of October 1810 Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshal of France and crown prince-elect of Sweden (later king Charles XIV John) took his first step on Swedish soil on his journey from Paris to Stockholm.

From the middle of the 19th century onwards, however, Helsingborg was one of the fastest growing cities of Sweden, increasing its population from 4,000 in 1850 to 20,000 in 1890 and 56,000 in 1930 due to industrialization. From 1892 a train ferry was put in service, connecting Helsingborg with its Danish sister city Helsingør. A tramway network was inaugurated in 1903 and closed down in 1967.

Helsingborg is a major regional centre of trade, transport and business. In 2001 Campus Helsingborg, a branch of University of Lund, opened in the former Tretorn rubber factory buildings, originally founded by Henry Dunker.
Three ferry companies take people and cargo to and from Denmark around the clock. The route is popular with day-trippers going to Elsinore or Copenhagen, or simply enjoying the views from the ferries.
IKEA, the retailer of furniture and home interiors, has its international corporate headquarters in Helsingborg.
Nicorette the nicotine chewing gum, has a manufacturing plant there. Ramlösa is a mineral water from Ramlösa Brunn, a southern suburb of the city.

Notable natives
*Anette Olzon, rock singer
*Fabian Brunnstrom, ice hockey player
*Hans Alfredson, comedian
*Marianne Bernadotte, former fashion model and actress, widow of the late Sigvard Bernadotte.
*Kalle Brink, professional golfer
*Dieterich Buxtehude, composer and organist
*Pontus Farnerud, football player
*Karl Ragnar Gierow, writer and member of the Swedish Academy
*Gustaf Håkansson, cyclist
*Karl Kruszelnicki, scientist (Dr Karl)
*Henrik Larsson, football player
*Andreas Lilja, ice hockey player
*Mats Magnusson, football player
*Tina Nordström, chef
*Peps Persson, musician
*Ruben Rausing, founder of Tetra Pak
*Kalle Svensson, football player
*Östen Warnerbring, musician
*Johan Wissman, athlete
*Roland Nilsson, football player
*Darkane, metal band
*Soilwork, metal band
*The Sounds, rock band
*Velvet (singer), singer
*Mikael Lundberg, golfer
*Caroline Seger, football player

The City of Helsingborg is subdivided into 32 districts.


Image:Helsingborg-300px.jpg|Helsingborg waterfront
Image:Helsingborg_port.jpg|The northern harbour for yachts in Helsingborg
Image:Helsingborg City Hall 2.jpg|The Helsingborg city hall
Image:Helsingborg Tropical Beach.jpg|Seasonally planted palm trees at "Tropical Beach".
Image:Helsingborg_Stairs_to_Fortress.jpg|Steps leading to Kärnan, central Helsingborg, close by the water front.
Image:Maria.JPG|The Church of Saint Mary, central Helsingborg
Image:bphotell.jpg|Brunnsparkshotellet, Ramlösa
Image:ramlosaspring.jpg|Ramlösa mineral water, old spring from 1707
Image:hamletferry.jpg|The ferry Hamlet on the Öresund between Helsingborg and Helsingør

See also
*Helsingborgs Dagblad
*European route E4
*Sofiero, a nearby castle


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