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Gornji Milanovac

Serbia, Gornji Milanovac
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"Gornji Milanovac" ( ) is a town and municipality located in Serbia at 44.012691° North, 20.273572° East. Its name means "Upper Milanovac" (there is a Lower Milanovac, as well) while Milanovac stems from name "Milan" in the Serbian language. In 2003 the city had a total population of 24,000.

Before 1859 the original name of the city was Despotovac, after the Despotovica river passing by the city. In 1859 the name was changed to Gornji Milanovac at the request of the Prince of Serbia Miloš Obrenović.

Gornji Milanovac lies between mountains Rudnik to the north and Vujan to the south.

The city is situated along western side of European route E763, between the cities Ljig to the north and Čačak to the south and the villages Majdan to the north and Preljina to the south.

Main city crossroad branches:
*To the North, onto road Gornji Milanovac-Kragujevac (see Kragujevac) that crosses with E763 and turns East; the nearest village on the road is Donja Vrbava.
*To the East, turns South then East through the city, crosses E763 and then goes South through the village of Donja Trepca onto the route 23.
*To the South, towards E763.
*To the West, quickly turns North and after five kilometers branches into road Gornji Milanovac-Cestobrodica (see Cestobrodica) to the West; the nearest village on the road is Takovo, where Takovo Uprising begun; and into road Gornji Milanovac-Donji Banjani (see Donji Banjani) to the North; the nearest village on the road is Kalimanici.

South of Milanovac, villages Brdjani to the West and Prislonica to the East are connected to E763 with local roads.

nternational relation

win towns — sister citie
Gornji Milanovac is twinned with:

* "Mosjøen", Norway
* "Kavadarci", Republic of Macedonia
* "Slovenj Gradec", Slovenia
* "Edessa", Greece
* "Pleven", Bulgaria


Image:Gornji Milanovac Holy Trinity church.jpg|Church of Holy Trinity
Image:Gornji Milanovac Old Court.jpg|Old Court
Image:Gornji Milanovac, panorama.jpg|Winter view of the Gornji Milanovac
Image:BrdoMiraSpomenik.JPG|Monument on the hill of peace
Image:NorveskaKuca.JPG|House of the Serbo-Norwegian friendship (kol. "Norway House")
Image:KnezMihailov trgGM.jpg


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* /razvojna inicijativa oblasti/

Category:Cities, towns and villages in Central Serbia
Category:Municipalities of Central Serbia

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