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Greece, Glyfada
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"Glyfada" () is a suburb of Athens, situated in the southern parts of the Athens Metropolitan Area. The area, which is home to many of Greece"s millionaires, ministers and celebrities, stretches out from the foot of the Hymettus mountain and reaches out to embrace the Saronic Gulf. It is the largest of Athens" southern suburbs. This fashion-conscious suburb is known in Greece for its upmarket cafes, well-known restaurants, boutiques and cosmopolitan summer clubs; Glyfada has also been called "Knightsbridge-on-Sea", or "Hellenic Hamptons".

In the ancient period, the area was a deme known as Aixone (Αιξωνή). Today, Glyfada is a city packed with some of the capital"s best-known nightclubs , upscale restaurants and shops. It could be argued to be one of the most "Americanized" of Athenian municipalities, since an American airbase was located nearby in the 1980s. The base"s population contributed in part to Glyfada"s character, leading to a unique blend of Greek and American atmosphere and cuisine. Although the base is now gone and the school relocated, Glyfada still retains part of its American flavour while continuing to offer distinctly Greek cuisine, entertainment and nightlife.

Glyfada was established as the heart of Athens" southern suburbs, because of its prime waterfront location, rich commercial centre, and modern business district. It has been described as the headpoint of the "Athens Riviera" and features some of Europe"s most opulent seafront residences, gardens and extensive beachfront property, with a modern marina.

The town hall is located at the center of the municipality; nearby, Glyfada’s shopping district has one of the most vibrant and diversified commercial centres of Athens" neighbourhoods, with a collection ranging across specialist and designer boutiques. Its proximity to a succession of beaches and a concentrated seaside club scene also greatly increases the number of visitors during the summer months. The area’s shopping district runs across Metaxa Avenue and Grigoriou Labraki Street while both the offices of major businesses and shopping areas also dot the Avenues Voyliagmenis, Goynari and Gennitika.

Location of Glyfada Municipality in

Glyfada Marina includes marine space and coastal land area totaling 3 kilometers, and a concrete land mass between basins A and B with a length of roughly 250 meters, between basins B and G with a length of roughly 150 meters, between basins G and D with a length of roughly 300 meters, and between basin D until the end of the basin of roughly 350 meters, with all harbor facilities and buildings found within this space.

Northwest is the forested wooded golf course of Athens, the "Glyfada Golf Club", located south of the old Airport of Athens. To the east and northeast is an urban sprawl which spreads over the southwest shoulder of Mt. Hymettus and its rocky landscape. The roads are lined and curved to nearly NW at a 90 degree angle, and it also encompasses a marina and a popular beach, while its beaches are located in the western part of the municipality. Half of the municipality is located on rocky landscape of Mount Hymettus. The urban sprawl of Athens began in the 1950s and 1960s and continued into the 1990s, when housing development continued in that part of Hymettus.

Glyfada is connected to central Athens via two major avenues (Posidonos and Vouliagmenis) and a tram line which goes across the seaside next to Posidonos Avenue. On the quay at Glyfada is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for sea turtles, run by ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. The staff there provide free educational tours of the facilities and treatments for visitors.

32,492 people registered with the Municipality of Glyfada voted during the Municipal Elections of October 2006. At the second round, 54.79% of the votes were for Ioannis G. Theodoropoulos, who is the mayor of Glyfada for the 2006-2010 period.

The Glyfada Indoor Hall is located at the Municipality, formerly a major indoor sport venue of local Athens teams.

amous residents and peopl
*Sophia Aliberti, TV personality and actress
*Bessy Argyraki, Greek singer, Eurovision contestant and member of Glyfada"s council
*Vanna Barba, Greek actress
*Josh Childress, American basketball player
*Anna Diamantopoulou, former Greek EU representative
*Predrag Đorđević, Serbian footballer
*Petros Doukas, Deputy foreign Minister of Greece
*Takis Fyssas, Greek footballer
*Luciano Galletti, Argentinian footballer
*Gerasimos Giakoumatos, former Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare
*Kalomira, Pop singer and Eurovision contestant
*Giorgos Karagounis, Greek footballer
*Darko Kovačević, Serbian footballer
*Zeta Makripoulia, Greek actress
*Natalija Martinović, Arkans ex wife
*Demetra Matsouka, Greek actress
*Marcelo Mattos, Brazilian footballer
*Natalia Mavrogiannis, Greek singer
*Giorgos Mazonakis, Greek singer
*Constantine Mitsotakis, former Prime Minister of Greece
*Tony Mokbel, Australian fugitive
*Fani Palli-Petralia, former Greek Minister of Tourism
*Alexandros Panagoulis, Greek politician and poet
*Elena Paparizou, Pop singer and Eurovision winner
*Giannis Parios, Greek singer
*Pashalis, Greek singer and Eurovision contestant
*Dimitrios Politis, Greek Showman
*Antonis Remos, Greek singer
*Diogo Luis Santo, Brazilian footballer
*Notis Sfakianakis, Greek singer
*Katerina Stanisi, Greek singer
*Tolis Voskopoulos, Greek singer
*Vahram Kazhoyan, Ambassador of Armenia to Greece

Glyfada has also become famous for its residents who include billionaire Aristotle Onassis, Onassis"s and Athina Livanos"s daughter Christina Onassis, but also the Mitsotakis family, who own a summer house in Glyfada. Former President of the Hellenic Republic Konstantinos Karamanlis visited Glyfada golf course, regularly during an earlier era. Greek politician Alexandros Panagoulis was born in Glyfada.

istorical populatio

*Agios Nikolaos, Glyfada
*Ano Glyfada

win citie
Glyfada is twinned with the following cities:
* Niš, Serbia
* Gżira, Malta
* Vidnoye, Russia

ee als
*List of cities in Greece
*Communities of Attica
*List of municipalities of Attica


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