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Malta, Fgura
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"Fgura" is a town in the south of Malta. It is one of the 68 local councils.

On the surface, Fgura appears to be a new town built around the 1960s. But its outward appearance belies ancient origins. The town has prehistoric roots - there are several tombs in the area - and there is evidence to suggest it was a settlement in Phoenician times. The evidence is that between the 28th of October and the 21st of December 1948, 6 Phoenician tombs were found in Fgura - mostly in Liedna Street. These tombs go back to the 3rd or 4th century B.C. These tombs were in irregular shapes and human skeletons, remains of animals, pottery and other Bronze materials and objects were found. In Fgura, a street was named "Triq is-Sejba Punika" - in English "Phoenician Discovery Street" - in honour of this historic finding.

Fgura, lying inland from the Three Cities, was influenced by the growth of the dockyards, especially after World War II. Its northern fringes are bordered by the Cottonera Lines of fortifications while it merges with the towns of Żabbar to the south and Tarxien to the West. Today, Fgura has one of the highest population densities in the country. It expanded recently on the outskirts of the Grand Harbour area and was one of the fastest-growing towns of Malta. Fgura has grown to become one of the foremost commercial areas in the central-southern part of the island.

The coat-of-arms of Fgura is made up of a red horizontal stripe containing three golden 5-pointed stars, centred across a white background. Fgura Day was established by the local council in 1994, and its first celebration was held on the 30th October. It is now celebrated on the last Sunday of October.

The patron saint of Fgura is Our Lady of Mount Carmel and an annual feast in her honour is celebrated on the second Sunday of July. Fgura also has one of the most peculiar shaped churches in Malta, built in the shape of a tent.

The facade of the Fgura Church
Before Fgura was declared a parish on the 21st January 1965, it was a suburb of Tarxien. Before World War II, Fgura was a rural village which consisted of a few scattered farm-houses, of which there remains practically nothing, situated near the new church, (picture found above), near the new school and in St. Thomas Street. There were 20 families and the people of this town were farmers and, like many other towns, they were superstitious but they lived and worked together. After the Second World War, the Carmelite Fathers were entrusted with the spiritual needs of the community. The Carmelite Fathers arrived in Fgura on the 14th December 1945, where they built a new church and convent, which were inaugurated in November 1950, in the presence of Prime Minister Enrico Mizzi.

A vocal and living tradition speaks of the town"s name: scholar E.B. Vella compared "Fgura" with the Maltese word "Figura" - in English "Figure". This relates to the custom of older inhabitants of this town, who would stop in front of a niche dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and they would call the statue "il-figura".

gura Local Counci
The current Fgura local council members are:

*Darren Marmarà (Mayor, PL)
*Anthony Degiovanni(Vice-Mayor, PL)
*Charles Bonello(PN)
*Byron Camilleri (PL)
*Saviour Camilleri (PL)
*Mark Lombardo (PN)
*Pierre Dalli (PL)
*Alfred Debono (PN)
*Rita Cutajar (PL)

laces of interes
gura United Football Clu
Fgura United is the local football club and it officially represents the locality of Fgura in Maltese football.

Il-Monument tas-Salib
l-Monument tas-Salib (The Cross Monument
There is a monument in Hompesch Street, which is known as "Il-Monument tas-Salib" by the Fgura residents (The Cross Monument). This monument was inaugurated by Minister Ugo Mifsud Bonnici in February 1990, exactly when Fgura celebrated its 25th anniversary when it became a parish in 1965. This monument was designed by the sculptor Ġanni Bonniċi and built by apprentices of the Ġlormu Cassar School.

This monument was placed on the exact spot where a small church dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel was built in 1790 instead of a niche that was there for a long time. As a remembrance of this niche a new niche was built in Carmel Street.

"The Monument"s Shape"

The monument rests on four columns and they have a significant meaning. Three of these columns represent the towns which Fgura is adjacent to:- Paola, Tarxien and Żabbar . The other one represents the Parish of Fgura. At the base of this monument there are 4 gravestones. They represent the 25th anniversary since Fgura became a parish, the inauguration of this monument and one is a copy of another gravestone that was situated at the side of a church that was built in 1844. This gravestone was written in Latin and it told the story of this church.

Reggie Miller Gardens

eggie Miller and Bishop Redent Gauci Garden
Fgura also has two main Gardens, one of them is exactly Reggie Miller Gardens and it could be found at the back of the church. This was inaugurated on the 28th of March 1976 by Minister Lorry Sant. The Garden is named after Reggie Miller, a trade unionist and the founder of the General Workers" Union, presently one of the biggest unions in Malta. Originally there was a fish-pond and it was surrounded by big pebbles. There was also a sun dial designed by Paul Ignatius Micallef. After the Local Council of Fgura was set up, the mentioned council decided to change the area behind the church into a modern town square. This was performed through funds from central government in 1996. In the centre of the square a monument of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was erected.

A second garden, dedicated to Bishop Redent Gauci was inaugurated by Minister Lawrence Gonzi in the year 2000. The garden incorporates a multipurpose court, a club house, and a playing field.
George Stevens" Monument

eorge Stevens Squar
It was Saturday, the 6th of September 1986, that Minister Lorry Sant inaugurated a monument named after George Stevens, co-founder of the Maltese Literary Society. This was done to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the foundation of this Society. The monument, which was placed in a square named after himself, was designed by sculptor Alfred Camilleri Cauchi and blessed by the then Parish Priest Father Guido Micallef O. Carm.Restoration of the monument dedicated to Gorg Stevens, and embellishment works in this square were performed in 2001, after which a re-inauguration ceremony was presided by President Guido de Marco.

illage Cor

*Triq Blondel (Blondel Street)
*Triq Camilleri (Camilleri Street)
*Triq Cospicua (Cospicua Road)
*Triq Hompesch (Hompesch Road)
*Triq il-Gardjola (Gardjola Street)
*Triq il-Kampanella (Kampanella Street)
*Triq il-Karmelitani (Carmelites Street)
*Triq il-Liedna (Ivy Street)
*Triq is-Sur (Bastion Street)
*Triq Zabbar (Zabbar Road)
*Vjal Kottoner (Cottoner Avenue)
*Wesgħa Reggie Miller (R. Miller Square)
*Wesgħat il-Kunsill tal-Ewropa (European Council Square)

ummissjoni Festa Esterna 16 ta" Lulju (External Feast Commission July 16th
The "External Feast Commission" July 16, or as it is better known in Maltese; "Kummissjoni Festa Esterna 16 ta" Lulju" is under the auspices of the Fgura Parish Church. This Commission was founded in the year 1993 under the auspices of Fr. Adrian Cassar Pulis O.Carm. Different activities are held during the year as a means of fund raising. These funds are spent on the expenses incurred in organizing the village feast on the second Sunday of July. The Village Feast of Fgura is dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Today the Chairman of this commission is Fr. Renald Lofreda O.Carm. From the first year when this commission was founded till today the village feast in Fgura has been improving and becoming one of the most attractive festivals, not only due to the beautiful and unique street decorations but also the number of people that take part on the second Sunday of July.

This year the village feast will be held between the 6th and the 12th of July 2009


cout Grou

The formed in 1987 is a member of the South District of the Scout Association of Malta.

They currently have about 120 Uniformed Members in 4 Co-ed Sections. A beaver section (ages 5-7) a Pack section (ages 7-10), a Troop Section (ages 10-15), a Venture Unit ages (15-19) and a Rover Crew for older scouts. The Group also has a Band made up of Troop, Unit and Crew members and publishes an informative magazine.

Apart from the local and national activities, the Group also participates in overseas activities and frequently hosts the First Woodend Scout Group of Bristol-UK for their traditional exchange visits.

In 2005, 11 scouts and 1 leader attended EuroJam 2005 (European Jamboree) in Chelmsford, UK this year being the 100th anniversary of scouting they are planning to go to the 2007 World Scout Jamboree that will take place in Chelmsford, UK again and another group will be attending Kanderjam in Switzerland.
This year they will be participating also in the annual JOTI/JOTA with the amateur radio callsign 9H3FSG.

and Clu

*Our Lady of Carmel Society and Band Club (L-Għaqda Mużikali u s-Soċjali Madonna tal-Karmnu) was founded in 1985. Its premises in Hompesch Road were inaugurated in 1991.
Teaching of musical instruments for free is one of the main goals of this band club, whilst the Band takes active part in the organisation of all local festivities throughout the year, and which reach their climax during the second week of July, when the titular feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated. It can be reached at

nteresting Place

*Blandun Valley (at Blandun Valley Road)
*Carmelities Convent (at Whitefriars Street)
*Cross Monument (at Hompesch Road)
*Fgura Primary School (at Carmel Street)
*Gallerija Shopping and Entertainment Complex (at Zabbar Road)
*Hompesch Arch (at Hompesch Road)
*Our Lady of Monte Carmel"s Parish Church (at Hompesch Road)
*Polverista Gate (at Cospicua Road)
*Windmill (Dejma Road)

gura Community Service

*Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church, Wesgħa Reggie Miller (Reggie Miller Square)
*Fgura Local Council, Triq il-Karmnu (Carmel Street)
*Fgura Police Station, Triq Hompesch (Hompesch Road)
*Malta Labour Party Club, Triq Hompesch
*Partit Nazzjonalista Club, Triq Hompesch
*Fgura Sub-Post Office, Triq San Tumas (St. Thomas Street)
*Fgura Health Centre, Triq Hompesch (Hompesch Road)
*Fgura Area Library, Triq il-Karmnu (Carmel Street)
*Elderly Home (Private), Triq Kuluvert
*Social Policy District Office, Triq Karmelitani c/w Triq Kampanella
*Bank of Valletta, Triq Hompesch
*HSBC, Wesgha Kunsill tal-Ewropa

ones in Fgur

*Wied Blandun
*Ta" Ġerman
*Ta" Penza
*Ta" Tira

ain Roads & Square

*Triq Bormla (Cospicua Road)
*Triq Ħaż-Żabbar (Zabbar Road)
*Triq Hompesch (Hompesch Road)
*Triq il-Karmnu (Carmel Street)
*Triq is-Sur (Bastion Street)
*Triq San Tumas (St Thomas Street)
*Triq A.M. Valpelga (A.M. Valpelga Street)
*Vjal Kottoner (Cottoner Avenue)
*Triq id-Dejma (Dejma Road)
*Pjazza Kunsill tal-Ewropa (European Council Square)
*Pjazza Reggie Miller (Reggie Miller Square)
*Pjazza l-Isqof Redent Gauci (Bishop Redent Gauci Square)
*Pjazza Gorg Stevens (George Stevens Square)
*Pjazza Guzeppi Gauci (Joseph Gauci Square)

he Shortest Route from Fgura Centre to Valletta by Ca

*Hompesch Road, Fgura
*Zabbar Road, Fgura
*28th April Avenue, Paola
*Corradino Road, Paola
*Sir Paul Boffa Avenue, Paola
*Palm Street, Marsa
*Aldo Moro Road, Marsa
*13th December Road, Marsa
*National Road, Blata l-Bajda, Ħamrun
*St. Anne Street, Floriana
*Great Siege Road, Floriana

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