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Romania, Codlea
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"Codlea" (; Transylvanian Saxon dialect: "Zäöeden"; ) is a city in , central Romania.

During the 13th century, the Teutonic Order built a fortress known as "Schwarzburg" ("black castle") near the "Măgura Codlei". The castle"s name was first noted in 1265. The city of Codlea is believed to have been also founded by Germans. The fortified church in the city is the largest in the Burzenland historic region.
Codlea was well known for it"s flowers and was called the city of flowers.

The Romanian name "Codlea" is derived from the Slavic "cotal" ("kettle"), as the "Măgura Codlei" ("kettle hill") looks like a kettle. The hill also provides the Hungarian name of the city "Feketehegy" ("Black Hill"). The German name"s origin is unknown, but there is a theory that it was derived from "Zeidler" ("beekeeper").

*1510: 670
*1814: 3,264
*1849: 3,764
*1890: 4,035
** 2,680 Germans (67%)
** 1,211 Romanians (30%)
** 44 Hungarians(1%)
** 100 Jews and others (2%)
*1930: 5,219
**3,111 Germans (60%)
**1,916 Romanians (36%)
** 192 Hungarians (4%)
*1941: 6,214
*1966: 13,075
*1977: 22,744
*1982: 23,500
*1992: 24,620
*2002: 24,256

* Albert Ziegler (1888-1946), pilot
* Aurel Bordenache (1902-1987), painter, sculptor, graphic
* Eduard Morres (1884-1980), painter
* Fritz Klein (1888–1945), SS officer

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Category:Castles of the Teutonic Knights
Category:Municipalities of Romania

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