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Russia, Bratsk
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"Bratsk" () is a city Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Angara River near the vast Bratsk Reservoir. Population: 259,335 (2002 Census). Although the name sounds like the Russian word for "brother" ("brat"), it actually comes from "bratskiye lyudi", an old name for the Buryats".Athol Yates and Nicholas Zvegentzov, "Siberian BAM Guide", 2001

The first Europeans the area arrived 1623, tendg to collect taxes from the local Buryat population. Permanent settlement began with the construction of an ostrog (fortress) 1636 at the junction of the Oka and Angara rivers. Several wooden towers from the 17th-century fort are now exhibited Kolomenskoye Estate of Moscow.

Durg the Second World War there was an crease dustrial activity Siberia, as Soviet dustry was moved to the lands east of the Urals. After the war"s end, development slowed as resources were required the rebuildg of European Russia.

In 1947, the Gulag Angara prison labour camp was constructed near Bratsk, with capacity for up to 44,000 prisoners for projects such as the construction of the railway from Tayshet to Ust-Kut via Bratsk (now the western section of the Baikal Amur Male). on the website of "Memorial" (German)

The city"s rapid development commenced with the announcement 1952 that a dam and hydroelectric plant would be built at Bratsk on the Angara River. The 4,500-megawatt Bratsk hydroelectric plant was built between 1954 and 1966, brgg numerous workers to the town.

Other dustries the city clude an alumium smelter and pulp mill.

conomy and Infrastructur
Bratsk is served by the Baikal Amur Male railway and Bratsk Airport. There is a hydrofoil up the Angara to Irkutsk.

The city"s economy is largely reliant on heavy dustry, cludg one of Russia"s largest alumium plants, lumber mills, chemical works and a coal-fired power station.

Higher educational facilities clude the Bratsk State Technical University and a branch of the Irkutsk State University.

dmistrative district
Bratsk is spread around the head of the Bratsk Reservoir. The city is divided to three admistrative okrugs (populations are as of the 2002 Census):
*Padunsky (), 60,142 habitants;
*Pravoberezhny (), 39,524 habitants;
*Tsentralny (), 159,669 habitants.

Residential districts of the city, some of which are separated by open country, clude: Bikey, Chekanovsky, Energetik, Gidrostroitel, Osovka, Padun, Porozhsky, Sosnovy, Stenikha, Sukhoy, Tsentralny, and Yuzhny Padun.

Bratsk was among the Blacksmith Institute"s "Dirty Thirty", the thirty most polluted places the world.
Bratsk Reservoir
Until recently, the Bratsk Reservoir - one of the world"s largest - was a source of drkg water for many nearby cities. In 1998, after tons of mercury were found at the bottom of the reservoir, warngs were posted urgg local citizens to avoid the reservoir at all costs. However, owg to Russia"s economic troubles, the reservoir still remas a source of fish and other food products for many hard-pressed local residents. Accordg to Yuri Udodov, head of the Federal Committee on Ecology (FCE) the state of Irkutsk, this region has "the highest rate of discharge of metallic mercury to the environment all of Siberia." The extent of mercury pollution the ground around the nearby Usolye chemical plant is equal to half the total global production of mercury 1992.

Bratsk has been declared an ecological disaster zone. The Bratsk Alumium Plant has been pollutg its surroundgs to such great degree that the town of Chikanovskiy was evacuated 2001 due to repeated health emergencies.


Contrary to high level of pollution a city, the Bratsk region remas very pure place. Water the rivers drkable without additional processg, the cleanest air of the woods forests, impressg landscapes of a taiga, huge territory without people. It volves all area of tourists from all globe: on popularity the world among places of ecology tourism the region competes with lake Baikal.

nternational relation

w towns — Sister citie
Bratsk is twned with:
* Nanao, Japan.
* Zibo, Cha.


xternal lk


See also
* Bratsk hydroelectric plant

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