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BACKGROUND More questions than answers in Saudi journalist's disappearance

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Istanbul (dpa) - The disappearance of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul has been one of the most intriguing and gruesome criminal incidents this year. Hard and fast details have been hard to come by. Below, what‘s known and what‘s not known about the case:


Only one thing is actually clear: On October 2, Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in order to sort out paperwork for marriage to his Turkish fiancee. He has not been seen since.

Nearly all information that has come to light was cited and published in US and Turkish media outlets based on unnamed sources. In many cases, the outlets quote "Turkish government representatives."


1. Was there really team of killers?

Turkish authorities assume that Khashoggi was killed by a special squad brought in from Saudi Arabia, according to Turkish media outlets. The newspaper Sabah, for example, published images of the alleged suspects on October 10 that appear to come from passport control at an airport. The names of several of the Saudis were published in Sabah, and later the government newspaper Yeni Safak and others.

One of those named is Salah Mohammed A Tubaiki. Some digging turns up the name and a similar-looking picture of a man, among other places, in the well-known Saudi newspaper Al Sharq al-Awsat and on the website of Naif Arab University. There he‘s presented as a high-ranking forensic scientist in the Interior Ministry with military ranking. Media reports speculate that he could have come to Turkey to destroy any evidence. Saudi media has argued that the reports are simply disparaging the reputation of a harmless tourist.

2. How did the death happen?

There are several competing versions. Representatives in Ankara told US newspapers that Khashoggi was sawed into small pieces after his death. There are also reports of wild screams from the consulate, an acid bath or an abduction through a tunnel out of the building.

The newspaper Yeni Safak has reported that searches for the body have been conducted in several places across Istanbul in the past few days.

3. What is in the audio and video recordings of the execution that Turkey allegedly possesses?

No one knows. No media outlet that has thus far reported on the recordings has seen them themselves. The assumption is that Turkey perhaps bugged the consulate, but does not want to admit to that.

The pro-government Sabah reported a different theory, that Khashoggi could have filmed his own execution with his Apple Watch. However, experts doubt that this could be the case due to technical reasons.

4. What did the investigators‘ search of the consulate bring?

Very little - at least publicly. Turkish investigators were in the consulate with their Saudi counterparts for nine hours overnight Tuesday. The Saudis had been resistant at first to such a search.

Turkish police were conducting searches of the consulate residence and vehicles over the course of the day on Tuesday.


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