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Montreal (dpa) - The suspension of Rio de Janeiro‘s doping control laboratory will not affect the testing programme for the Olympic Games in the city in August, International Olympic Committee (IOC) medical director Richard Budgett said on
Washington (dpa) - Six weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Brazil, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced Friday that it has suspended the accreditation of the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory.The suspension prohibits the
Istanbul (dpa) - Kuwait is suing the International Olympic Committee for 1 billion dollars, the information minister said, after the Arab Gulf nation was suspended over government interference in sports."It is totally unacceptable that Kuwait is
Rome (dpa) - Alex Schwazer, an Italian ex-Olympic race walking champion who returned to athletics after being disqualified for doping, professed his innocence Wednesday after testing positive for illegal drugs again.Schwazer, who won gold at the 2008
Berlin (dpa) - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) can‘t make a decision on whether Russian middle-distance runner Yuliya Stepanova can take part in the summer Olympic Games until it receives a request to do so from world athletics body
Rome (dpa) - Alex Schwazer, an Italian ex-Olympic race walking champion who returned to athletics after being disqualified for doping, has again tested positive to illegal drugs, the La Gazzetta dello Sport daily reported Wednesday.Schwazer, who won
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Berlin (dpa) - The foreign ministers of the European Union‘s six founding member states were meeting outside Berlin on Saturday to discuss an EU reform initiative in response to Britain‘s decision to leave the bloc.German Foreign Minister
Berlin (dpa) - Dismayed by the British vote to leave the European Union, the German Foreign Ministry took to Twitter to make the following announcement: "We are off now to an Irish pub to get decently drunk.""From tomorrow on we will again work for a
Berlin (dpa) - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is expressing fear of more referendums in other countries, after British voters chose to leave the European Union this week."Populists usually don‘t miss an opportunity to make a
Istanbul (dpa) - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Europe is employing a double standard towards his country and blocking its entry to the European Union because of "Islamophobia."He further warned that the European Union could face further
Rome (dpa) - The British pound took a nosedive, and Asian, European and US stock markets plunged on Friday amid predictions that Britain‘s plans to leave the European Union could destabilize the global economy.Italy and Spain, fragile economies
Washington (dpa) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average sheds 3.4 per cent of its value, dropping 611.21 points to close at 17,399.86 in post-Brexit trading.The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 202.06 points, or 4.12 per cent, while the S&P 500 lost 76.02


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