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London (dpa) - British Prime Minister David Cameron and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday began renegotiating the terms of Britain‘s EU membership ahead of an in-out referendum.Cameron hosted a dinner for Juncker at
London (dpa) - British Prime Minister David Cameron told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that the two nations must cooperate to implement the Minsk ceasefire agreement on Ukraine despite "deep differences" between them.Cameron told Putin
Athens (dpa) - The Greek stock market ended lower Monday, weighed down by concerns about the state of the country‘s finances despite reassurances by government officials that the country is willing to pay its creditors and embrace the reforms
Vatican City (dpa) - The Institute for Religious Works (IOR), a scandal-tainted body that serves as the Vatican‘s bank, reported Monday a sharp rise in profits and said it was making progress on cleaning up its finances.The IOR made a profit of
Warsaw (dpa) - Andrzej Duda‘s victory in Poland‘s presidential run-off on Sunday has roused hopes in his right-wing Law and Justice Party for a return to power in parliament."Today the path towards a victory in the (parliamentary) autumn
Berlin (dpa) - A long-term travel ban by Russia on a German lawmaker provoked consternation Monday in Berlin.The measure against Karl-Georg Wellmann is "incomprehensible and unacceptable," a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said. "The government
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"Portugal" , in Southern pe, shares the Iberian peninsula at the western tip of pe with Spain. Geographically and culturally somewhat isolated from its neighbor, Portugal has a rich, unique culture, lively cities and beautiful
"Portugal" (), officially the "Portuguese Republic" ( }}), is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is the westernmost country of EuropeChristopher Bliss, Jorge Braga de Macedo, C. J. Bliss,
Coimbra"s location within PortugalA view of Coimbra."Coimbra" () is a city in Coimbra Municipality in Portugal. It served as the country"s capital during the First Dynasty (12th Century) and remains home to the University of Coimbra, the oldest
"Barreiro" may refer to:* Barreiro Municipality, Portugal* Barreiro Parish, Portugal* Barreiro, Portugal (city)laces in Galici: from :gl:Barreiro* Barreiro, Bugallido, Ames, na parroquia de Bugallido, concello de Ames.* Barreiro, Barreiro, Antas de
"Faro" may refer to:lace*Faro District, in the Algarve, southern Portugal.**Faro Municipality, in the Algarve, southern Portugal.**Faro, Portugal, main city in Faro district.**Faro Airport (Portugal) in Faro, Portugal (IATA: FAO).**Roman Catholic
| Type = Cultural| Criteria = iv| ID = 755| Region = Europe and North America| Year = 1996| Session = 20th| Link =}}"" (), also known as "Oporto" in English, is Portugal"s


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