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Hamburg (dpa) - International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach believes Hamburg has a strong claim to host the Summer Games in 2024 and does not believe Germany bidding for the football European Championships is a decisive factor."The Hamburg
Seoul (dpa) - American ski star Lindsey Vonn has been named the first international ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.The local organizing committee POCOG said in a statement Wednesday that Vonn was appointed at a ceremony in
Hamburg (dpa) - German tennis legend Boris Becker has offered his services as an Olympic Ambassador to the city of Hamburg, which hopes to host the Summer Games in 2024."The Olympics is an unbelievable opportunity to introduce Hamburg to the world,"
Hamburg (dpa) - Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen has offered his city to stage some events as part of Hamburg‘s bid for the 2024 Olympics, the Luebecker Nachrichten paper said on its website Thursday.The report said that Jensen proposed handball
Hamburg (dpa) - German officials are set to step up their global lobbying efforts in an effort to bring the 2024 Olympics to Hamburg, amid a warning that the struggles of the city‘s football clubs could harm the bid.Hennig Voepel, director of
Hamburg (dpa) - Looming relegation for Hamburg‘s leading football clubs SV Hamburg and St Pauli will have a negative impact on the city‘s bid for the 2024 Olympics, a local economist said.Hennig Voepel, director of the Hamburg Insititute
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Tel Aviv (dpa) - Israel Labour Party leader Isaac Herzog warns that the narrow, right-wing religious government forged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not survive for long.Writing on Twitter, he calls it: "A government with no
Tel Aviv (dpa) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finalized a right-wing, religious mini-coalition of 61 seats in Israel‘s 120-seat parliament, Israel Radio reports.After tense negotiations with the hours counting down to a Wednesday
Brussels (dpa) - The European Union‘s executive unveiled plans Wednesday to break down cross-border barriers to internet traffic, in an effort to boost e-commerce and make it easier for people to shop online or access digital content from other
Berlin (dpa) - Four suspected right-wing extremists arrested in Germany Wednesday were planning attacks on mosques and asylum-seeker homes, prosecutors said.The three men and a woman who were arrested in early morning police raids across the country
Brussels (dpa) - Europeans wishing to shop or view films online in another EU country often run into problems, as in Europe the internet is largely regulated by 28 sets of national laws and restrictions.The European Commission is now trying to change
Berlin (dpa) - Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s coalition partner has stepped up the pressure she faces due to a widening spy scandal, by calling for the release of the names of US intelligence service targets in Germany.The scandal, which was

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